Get the guy how to flirt with your husband

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get the guy how to flirt with your husband

7 ways to deal with someone flirting with your man . so don't give her the impression that you're scared she might get it from your boyfriend. How to Flirt with Your Husband: Ways to Master Seducing How to Flirt with a Guy: Get Results That Acutally Work and Get the Man You. How to Get a Guy to Flirt with You. It can be difficult to get a guy to flirt with you. It's not that he doesn't want to talk to you, it's that he doesn't know you want to talk.

get the guy how to flirt with your husband

Use it to flirt with your husband. Lips play an important role in a woman's body and you can use this weapon to subtly grab your man's attention when you are in public. Quickly wink at your hubby when you are outside and pout your lips at him.

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He will either wink back or will give you a flirty smile. Sit with your legs crossed so you can use the leverage and height of one of your legs to gently rub your husband's leg. He will be startled when he feels it and he will immediately look at you. Wink at him, lower your head down and break into a flirty smile. Add your own special twist to this way of flirting with your husband by giving him a specific compliment about his body. Your broad shoulders are so manly You have the cutest butt There is something mysteriously sexy about your hands Your jaw line is ruggedly sexy The shape of your back is like that of a Greek god's There is something magical about your chest, I like leaning on it 8 Make your husband pick your underwear, and you can pick his Stop your husband dead in his tracks when you both are getting ready in the morning.

Take out some of your best bras and panties, and hold them up for him. Ask him 'Which one do you want me to wear today honey?

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It will give him a lot to think about during the day. Do the same thing for him and make him hold out some of the different types of underwear that he wears.

get the guy how to flirt with your husband

Pick one out and make up a reason for your choice. Say something along the lines of 'Dark clue underwear looks sexy on you' 9 Break into a single dance move and walk away Whether it is a quick twirl or just a sideways move of the hips, a quick dance move can have a magical effect in attracting your husband.

Practice such a five second move to perfection and pull it off when he least expects it. Do it in front of him when he is watching the game and just walk away.

He will be completely zapped and speechless.

7 ways to deal with someone flirting with your man

Send him meaningless messages by making up your own words Stupidity used in the right way, can be a lot of fun. Make up your own words and send him cute messages that will make him smile. Receiving such a senseless message in the middle of a meeting will make him chuckle. He will get a sultry wakeup call and will come straight to you to steal a real kiss. Unfortunately, we can forget that in the middle of our busy, distracted lives.

Play a love song in the car. Nothing beats turning a boring car ride into a chance for romance! Even better, pair a sappy song with an unexpected kiss at the next red light. This works especially well when at a social gathering with lots of people around. You know the kind where you are huddled up with your friends and he is across the room with his friends.

Wear his favorite outfit. Try it, your husband may like it too. Ask him on a date.

get the guy how to flirt with your husband

Surprise your husband by asking him on a date! I am not particularly good at this one so give me some date ideas in the comments below. It would be appreciated. Laugh at his cheesy jokes. Laughing with your man is a great way to affirm him. I just laugh anyway. Write him a love note.