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Volume 22 cover Oz with Echo's cloak ç__ç but I have to admit that it fits him . of Pandora Hearts Interesting to find a bit more about Echo/Zwei and her relationship to Vincent - but can't wait. .. This quiz shows a variety of anime girls that might choose you. . Vincent Nightray 'Ring Around the Rosie' -Pandora Hearts. Vincent Nightray. Author Vanessa Nightray. 44 0 Echo. 31 1 .. This is where I get to explain the effect of Shigaraki Tomura and his relationships. He's the. See more ideas about Vanitas, Heart echo and Pandora hearts. Coloring Pandora Hearts Vincent Nightray Gilbert Nightray I'm glad that you exist. Find this .

However, the fact that Vincent dislikes Oz is more implied by all the times Vincent has mentioned Oz to Gilbert, often mocking how much his brother cares for Oz and seemingly trying to hide quite a bit of bitterness over the fact that Gilbert's most important person was Oz which sometimes peeks through. The most likely reason Vincent would dislike Oz would be because he is jealous, as he appears to have a constant need to be the most valued person in Gilbert's life, even if he tries hard to make Gilbert think otherwise.

Vincent and Leo Vincent is very loyal to Leo when Leo became his master and swore that he would do anything Leo tells him to do. He wants Leo to become the Intention of Abyss in order to erase him and make Gil "happy. However, it is later learned that Vincent's vow to Leo had been sincere. This is shown when Vincent refuses to die after Leo ordered him not to die unless Leo himself allowed it. Leo, Leo you are my master. I swore to protect you.

A Dangerous Mind [Vincent Nightray]

Vincent has shown a murderous grudge towards Alice, as a result of her making Gil upset and Jack sad, when she made fun of his red eye, which caused Gil to pull her hair in response. Caring little for what she did to him, Vincent could never get out of his mind Vincent's hatred towards Alice before Tragedy of Sablier occured in anime how she "hurt" those he loved, which arguably caused his later obsession for cutting stuffed animals with scissors.

Ada Vessalius Vincent with Ada. Vincent has a rather complex relationship with Ada. He has been shown dating her on a rather regular basis. His interest on Ada makes him believe he should taint her and corrupt her.

However his impressions of her abruptly changed when Ada revealed to him that her interest on the occult, ghosts, torture, etc. When Ada went back in time she encountered a young Vincent being guilt ridden about the tragedy, Ada shed tears for Vincent knowing the full extent of his pain and suffering. She attempted to cheer his past self. Vincent immediately pushed her away when Ada tried to comfort after learning the truth ab Vincent watching Ada's new life with another man in the final manga chapter.

When Ada told Vincent that she forgiven him for everything even if anyone can;t never forgive him, he allowed her to comfort him; This is different from when Gil and Noise tried to comfort him, Vincent pushed them aside.

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Despite this, Elliot eventually went against his father's teachings, having trouble believing that the Vessaliuses were evil after interacting with Oz Vessalius on so many different occasions. As time passed, Bernard saw nothing wrong with using Elliot for his own personal gain, having convinced himself that what he was doing was within Elliot's best interest as well.

Bernard felt fine allowing Elliot to form a Contract with the ChainHumpty Dumpty, seeing it as an opportunity to regain the Nightrays' status, despite the fact that Elliot's Contract with Humpty Dumpty resulted in the deaths of four of his family members. Bernard remained numb to the deaths that unfolded around him, being unaware that Elliot was the root of the dilemma. Although Bernard's intentions were in wrong, Bernard had only done so because of his love for Elliot and his misguided attempts to provide Elliot with the kind of life he deserved, and Elliot continued to believe in his father until the very end, never knowing about Bernard's dark history and only ever wanting to please his father.

Vanessa did this out of concern because Bernice Nightray had slowly been losing her mind because of the assassinations of her younger brotherFredClaude and Ernest; meanwhile Bernard acted as though he didn't notice anything was happening with Bernice and was even willing to collude with a foreigner, acts which Vanessa believed made them unfit parents to Elliot.

Gilbert Nightray Gilbert Nightray is Elliot's adopted older brother. Although Elliot was pissed off for Gilbert "running away" after the Headhunter incident, he actually cares very much about Gilbert.

This is shown when Elliot screams at Oz to "remember not to hurt my adoptive brother. It was stated that the only reason why Gilbert continued to smile while he was in the Nightray household was because of Elliot.

Vincent Nightray/Relationships

Vincent Nightray Elliot was the only one of his brothers to not hate their adoptive siblings, Gilbert and Vincent Nightray. In fact, as a child part of the reason he spent time with them was to figure out why his older brothers hated the two boys so much. He got along well enough with them and was needless to say Vincent's favourite out of his adoptive siblings.

Especially since Elliot made Gilbert smile. Vincent was sadden over Elliot's death. Elliot decided to end his life by his own hands and Vincent didn't interfere. With his death Vincent and Gilbert were the only Nightrays of the head family remaining. Leo Leo is the first person Elliot has regarded as a friend. Although Leo is his servant, they consider each other as equals.

Pandora Hearts

They have a very in depth relationship; knowing almost every nook and cranny of one another. They connect in many ways; both play the piano, compose songs, and love reading.

Although they tend to disagree on many things, their abilities to accept each other strengthen their bond.