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setsuna and marina relationship quizzes

See more ideas about Anime couples, Manga anime and Anime art. I don't care what you say but I really ship Marina and Setsuna! read the manga and watch. Setsuna and Feldt does love each other by ~ashlikesnow29 Day 8 (Favorite Anime Couple): Setsuna x Feldt from Gundam “ I feel like I want. Nyahahahha xD I'm also amused with Setsuna's obsession with Exia xD on Setsuna and Marina's relationship ^_^ The OP had intrigued me.

He mentions a fear of infection at one point, but since he's just as leery about physical contact with clearly uninfected people, that seems to merely be one of many excuses. Considering he nearly sliced off Yamato's arm after he touched his shoulder Leo of Pandora Hearts sometimes acts this way.

In Afterschool CharismaMozart hates being touched by non-clonesas Shiro finds out at least three times. Saito, being heterosexual, could get like this around guys but he doesn't mind if a pretty girl touches him though he does mind if Louise is around when a girl touches him because that usually means he'll get punished by her.

Madarame from Genshiken is a bit uncomfortable around acts of physical affection. Tsukasa from the oneshot Kuroneko Guardian due to being raped by a burglar. Kyo of Fruits Basket is like this because he changes into a cat due to the Sohma curse whenever he gets hugged. He more or less mellows out about this in regards to Tohru who he falls in love with and eventually marries. As Tsukune found out the hard way very early on in the second serialization.

Revy of Black Lagoon has a Hair-Trigger Temper and as such can be quite violent about being touched at times. It doesn't help that she was raped as a teenager by a police officer. Jeremy in A Cruel God Reigns which is understandable, considering he is repeatedly raped throughout the series.

Also falls along the lines of " Don't Look at Me! Downplayed in Kannazuki no Miko: Himeko cannot stand anyone touching her hair—unless it's Chikane. Shirotani from Ten Count has extreme mysophobia, so touching is basically an impossibility for him. Even Danny, JoJo's dog, is not immune. As Dio kicked Danny when he tried to act friendly and get close to him.

Mika and Yuu of Seraph of the End get touchy about their personal space being invaded following the tragedy where they lost their family and each other when they were kids. Yuu is explained as being cold and afraid of getting close to people due to this because he doesn't want to lose anyone else, and Mika is like this around everyone except Yuu following becoming a vampire.

After finding out Mika is alive Yuu sheds this however. Yuu would also get like this around Mika and other people after his parents abandoned him, called him a devil, and tried to kill him. After becoming more ruthless from torture, Kaneki gets like this around people who are a threat to him or whom have unsavory intentions towards him like Tsukiyama though he was creeped out by his attentions even before the torture.

When Eto clung to him, licked his eyeand professed her fondness for him he was none too pleased and responded by cutting her in half. Mutsuki gets uncomfortable when it comes to people giving him predatory Male Gaze attention or when Torso touches him. This is implied to be a result of his father possibly raping him when he was younger.

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In fact, its described he has a disorder that shows up if he feels something or someone is a threat to his existence. It's implied Torso molested him and he cut off Mutsuki's arms and legs so he wouldn't leave. In revenge, Mutsuki dismembered Torso and decapitated him as well as mutilating the corpse's face and putting his cut off penis where his nose used to be. Nadeko hates being touched, and looked at, and meeting people's eyes.

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On the other hand, she doesn't care at all when Koyomi flips her skirt up he proclaims her lack of a reaction to be "boring"and doesn't mind getting yelled at. Hikari is targeted for Attempted Rape thrice. Twice by Kaname and once by Yaya Both experiences terrorize her and make her withdraw into herself expressing Hidden Eyes.

Although Hikari forgives Yaya for her previous sexual harrassment, she's naturally still scared to get close to her after that.

The way she visibly flinches around her, and Yaya's guilt ends up in her refusing to go to the Etoile competition, with Tsubomi comforting her so she won't have to be all alone. Alice gets this reaction, understandablyafter witnessing the Big Bad turn into a giant gooey monstrosity, grab her and Lain and try to eat them.

When Lain tries to touch her afterwards the poor girl is so terror stricken she takes a swing at Lain resulting in a scratch on Lain's cheek and rears backwards while shaking.

Love and touching is an uncomfortable subject for Ritsuka. He is wary of compliments and affection, and early on in the series is troubled when Soubi says "I love you" frequently. Ritsuka doubts this is true and has trouble tolerating it, and because of Ritsuka's cynical reaction, Soubi stops saying it altogether after volume 2 of the manga. Still, Ritsuka's inner conflict over whether he believes what Soubi says becomes a source of great tension and bitterness in their relationship.

However, as the story progresses, Ritsuka realizes how much he needs Soubi despite his rash attitude at times; when he tells Soubi to leave him alone, he is often seen staring at his cell phone waiting for a call or a text message. Played with for Hiei.

setsuna and marina relationship quizzes

When Botan tries to put a sticker on him he does say, "Touch me and I break your wrist," but when Kurama places a sticker on him he merely looks down on it.

Also in one of the ovas for the picture being taken Hiei stands away from the group, not wanting his picture taken at all. Kurama and Yusuke both grab him and carry him away, with him saying, "Get off me, fools! Comic Books Batman in most of his adaptations. Unless, of course, you touch his knuckles with your face. Only the Frenchman can touch the Female, and even he is only just barely allowed to.

The original version of the Human Target had no fear, which can be a problem for someone who is setting himself up to be murdered. X is this, to the extent of lashing out with her claws when a friend touches her shoulder, and generally shows an aversion to physical contact, especially from those she's not close to which is a very short listjustified by the abuse she suffered in the facility see Real Life below.

Laura has also described herself as "not a hugger" in All-New X-Menwhich shows just how badly she's handling things when Laura is shown throwing herself into O5 Cyclops' arms to stop from entering a Heroic BSoD after being confronted with Arcade's footage of herself in a Trigger Scent-induced rage while in Murderworld. This becomes a bit of Character Development when she initiates one to try and comfort Teen! Scott, who is overwhelmed by Jean's kidnapping by the Shi'Ar, and the revelation that his father is alive Scott was brought to the future from a time before he learned his father was Space Pirate Corsair.

Amusingly, Laura rejects a relieved hug from Teen! Warren later in the series for the same reason.

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Despite the fact they may have slept together. He doesn't like it when humans touch him. This fades by Chapter Thirty, when he finds just how valuable and helpful hugs are. The Child of Love: After getting pregnant Asuka does not like being touched, especially on her belly.

When Hikari tickles and squeezes her stomach in the first chapter, she reacts badly: Asuka suddenly shouting loudly: Right after Third Impact Asuka doesn't like being touched, not even by Shinji. Since she'd been mind-raped at least twice and Shinji tried to strangle her twice, it's understandable. She sank to her knees, shivering despite the heat. A look of fury crossed her face. She brought a foot up between them, planting it on his chest, and pushed, hard. He flew back, sprawling in the sand.

Do not touch me! In chapter 9 of the rewrite Kaworu introduces himself, lifts Asuka hand to kiss it Asuka does not like being touched due to Arael Mind Raping her, Shinji masturbating over her comatose body, the MP-Evas chopping her into pieces and eating her alive, and literally everyone seeing her memories, thoughts and emotions during Instrumentality. This complicates further her feelings towards Shinji: After the start of the story she gets over her hatred of Shinji touching her but she is still frightened of him.

Shinji hates and fears other people touching him due to get daily abuse for eight months straight. He slowly gets better, though. Light Yagami in Seigikan: She placed her hand on my shoulder in a flirtatious style before she left. If I had the Death Note on me, I would have opened it up and would have written her name on it for touching me so freely.

The first thing I would need to do when I got home is burn my clothing. Hinata in A Demon In The Hyuuga Clan due to having no regular human contact with anyone people go out of their way to avoid her since she's the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki.

Much to her dismay, Naruto enters her personal bubble with little to no warning. Since the story is from her perspective, the reader gets running commentary in these situations and she's shown as very unnerved yet confused by Naruto's exuberance.

I feel my cheeks flush at the sudden expression of friendship, and the close In Diaries of a MadmanNavarone generally dislikes being touched, though he does make more of an exception for more intimate touching. He tolerates it from some ponies more than others as well, and he does get better about this over the course of the story.

Bob in Retro Chill has a tendency to get startled whenever one of the aliens touches him Of course, given her history of brutal mistreatment as a slave, it's understandable. When she befriends Littlepip, she begins to warm up to the others, but never quite grows out of her phobia, to the point of using a smoke grenade to escape a loving hug.

setsuna and marina relationship quizzes

In the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Once Upon a FarmhouseSpock cannot stand being touched by anyone for most of the fanfic because his Touch Telepathy overwhelms him. In Gensokyo 20XXIVRan has a case of this after she was raped, and it was to such an extreme that she almost put a small child through a wall. To a lesser degree was Yukari, after her experiences during imprisonment, that, at first, she didn't like to be touched, preferring to limit if she wasn't going to not be touched but her behavior was comparatively different than Ran's, in that she behaved more like an autistic child would, stiffening and or pushing the person away, rarely if ever accepting it without feeling obligated or trying to imagine something else.

However, she also had weakened vision at time, thus it would make more sense as she would startle easily. Emphasized in lots of Maleficent fanfic, especially those where the bad thing that happens to her in the movie is turned into sexual assault. She eventually deigns to let him kiss her hand, but that is about as much touching as she can endure.

At least a few Kill la Kill fics have this with Satsuki: Played straight in Bad Touch. For fairly justifiable reasons. The Crimson Garment different authorshe hates being touched and, like the above, its justified and, especially in this fic, Played for Dramaas due to her mother's "affection"she's been conditioned to despise it.

This is downplayed in the fic Concerning a Drifterwhere she doesn't like being touched but, from her infant niece and Mako, she tolerates it, nevertheless.

Asuka doesn't like being touched, especially if she thinks she's showing weakness. When she is offered a chance to be reinstated as a pilot, Misato brings her old neural connectors along. Asuka hesitates to put them on, so Misato moves to clip them on for her, but this provokes Asuka to angrily shout at her not to touch her.

Estelle, because she wasn't used to being touched as she was cursed to be unable to be touched by her parents. She then went to Quiz, and enveloped the little filly in a huge hug. Floweythe main character in Blooming Dreemurrrather strongly dislikes being touched, especially without asking. Artemis, due to an incident in his past that involved mares and was apparently his brother's faultis very shy and doesn't like being too close to any mare who isn't Luna. Elsa has an immense fear of being touched, worried that she could accidentally go off without warning and hurt someone with her magic.

She slowly opens up to Astrid and Hiccup, but even still won't take off her gloves. He can handle being touched provided he is mentally prepared for it. Otherwise, he enters a Heroic BSoD ranging from panic attacks at best to attempting to murder the person at worst. In Karma In RetrogradeTouya is instinctively averse to being touched due to years of physical and emotional abuse. He makes exceptions for his siblings because he wanted them, especially Shouto, to have the physical affection they could never get from their parents.

He starts growing out of this as he befriends more and more of 1-A, letting Mina touch him albeit not without a Luminescent Blushshaking people's hands and high-fiving without a fuss. Film — Animated Beauty and the Beast: Beast is like this. Belle changes that part about him. Gaston gets like this around resident Butt-Monkey Le Fou who adores him.

Le Fou is usually the recipient of Gaston's abuse whether for acting like an idiot or touching him. Coraline Jones in Coralinemostly because it is the Other Mother who initiates unwanted hugs and placing her hand on Coraline's shoulder, much to Coraline's discomfort.

Hank detests physical contact and wanted to be sent to quarantine so that he can live peacefully in an isolated glass box without having to be mishandled by anyone. Elsa in Frozen doesn't like being touched and doesn't touch other people because she is afraid of accidentally hurting someone with her powers. By the end of the movie, she has no problem touching people. All Hail The Queen when someone kisses the back of her hand, causing her to jump back in surprise. How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless' reluctance to let Hiccup pet him is used to indicate the dragon's lack of trust in Hiccup.

When he finally presses his head against Hiccup's hand, it's a sign they are bonding.

setsuna and marina relationship quizzes

Anger is Hot-Blooded and as such dishes out fire and punches to Fear when he clings onto him, telling him "Don't touch me! Buddy clobbers several other people who touch him. From The Apple Dumpling Gang: Clovis don't like to be touched. He softens as the movie progresses. In Bedtime StoriesSkeeter's boss is a germophobe and hates being touched, and fires Skeeter after getting cake all over him.

However, he eventually gets over this, and in the epilogue, it's said that he became a school nurse. Used hilariously in Buffalo The main characters are posing as a fake married couple for a picture long story. The main character reveals he hates being touched and angrily tells his fake-wife, "We are a couple who don't touch!

The fake-wife in question? Cat In The Hat: Hank Humberfloob, if a person he suspects is dirty touches him that is. He forces his employees to wash their hands constantly, and when a new recruit shakes his hand, he fires him on the spot before scrubbing his hands with hand sanitizer. In Clara's Heart, the eponymous character freaks out whenever the main character touches her. This is because years ago, her son raped her. It wasn't just any touching, though.

In his particular instance, she said her feet hurt so he started rubbing them. Yul Brynner from Cool Runningslargely because he hates everybody. He gets over it. The ultra-repressed Karin has a strong aversion to being touched by anyone, even her sisters and husband. But it's also implied that she's starved for affection, so she lets her younger sister Maria run her hands over her face after some resistance.

When things nearly turn more than sisterlyKarin has a meltdown and withdraws completely. The former half of David And Lisa is in an asylum because, among other things, he's afraid that touching people will kill him. He claims he has "overheightened sensitivity". Implied with Hannashe damn well floors a guy when he tries to kiss her. Lars from Lars and the Real Girl. Due to childhood trauma, he feels physical pain whenever he is touched by anyone Maleficentwho jerks back if anyone gets close and in the novelization shoots a look when her servant tried it.

Of course it makes sense, considering. She does grudgingly tolerate little Aurora pawing all over her horns, probably because you just can't be mean to an innocent toddler Ardath Bey alias Imhotep, the Mummyfrom the original The Mummy Your pardon; I dislike to be touched — an Eastern prejudice. The Mummy remake has a Shout-Out to the original. Imhotep is meeting with the Egyptologist who tries to shake his hand. Beni, acting as Imhotep's interpreter, stops him, saying, "Prince Imhotep does not like to be touched.

As a matter of fact, for the few hundred Japanese in the Heian period who were members of the Court and possessed Rank, the Buddhist ideals--especially mujoukan--were merely the way of life. The Tale of Genji accurately reflects to the minutest detail the values and practices of the Heian court and is a powerful novel. If you couldn't tell, I just wrote a paper on mujoukan and felt like releasing some of my evergy here.

The iroha poem is very interesting, and the theme of mujoukan is profound, very hard for Westerners to understand though Japanese and other Far East Buddhists never need to question any of it. Buddhism shaped Japan and forced Shinto to develop a theology and rules, and Japan used Buddhism to her own advantage, changing it as she changed everything else that entered her borders.

There's another alphabet to a lullaby tune which is used as the "alphabetical" order in Japan today. The y-line only contains ya, yu, and yo since yi and ye were never needed in Japanese syllabic writing or were used once and are now defunct. The two "dead" letters are we and wi since Japanese no longer needs them.

It is the only single consonant in the language. The alphabet, therefore, looks like this: More frequently katakana is used for Japanese words and exclamations to make them look "cool". The alphabet I mentioned uses the O-letter of each line as the first letter of a Japanese word to help Japanese children remember the alphabet better.

The words, as seen below, form two phrases: O-hoshi-sama, konya, sora wo tobuyo; noharani hotaru mousugu yorugakuru. They mean, roughly translated: Oh star, fly to the sky tonight; in the field [there are] fireflies [so] soon the night will come.

If anyone has a better translation, let me know. Like all things Japanese, the lullaby-type alphabet contains nature images. Here it is in hiragana with the translations of the o-words beside the end of each line and the romanization below it: I felt the need to write a lot since I haven't been able to for a while.

It is the life of Setsuna, Sailor Pluto. Here's the first chapter oh, and I got a new anole! She's so cute and sweet and currently nameless: They drank the finest liquors and tasted of ambrosia, commenting that the honey had never been so fine as it was that year. Hades, though the mortals feared his emotionless calm and unwavering discipline, was a very lively man, his dark colors used to scare mortals into obeisance and souls into silence. At the Great Festival, he wore a dark blue hemmed in garnets and chains of black opals, his favorite stones.

His staff was long and silver, black with an opalescent shimmer when power ran through it, a deep red garnet gem sparkling from the top. The God of Death and Time was troubled. They expect to see your smiling face. Lately, it was not a strange occurrence for the queen and king to exchange smiles instead of blows. She could not attend but insisted that I make an appearance for us. I fear that I may have to bring her back to Olympus for good. Maybe it would have been better if I never stole her away, but I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.

None of my children have ever had problems living in the Underworld or the Mortal Lands. I know what lengths you went to for her, and I know that she loves you now for all her initial reluctance to stay with you in the Underworld. Everything will be alright. The luckiest man in the world is he who finds true love, and I can tell that you have in Persephone. You will not lose her, Hades.

Aphrodite, Hera, and a few other goddesses were blocking the view, exclaiming over the visitor. Hades pushed forward, determined to see what caused the ruckus, and stopped dead at the sight of his wife, a cloth-wrapped bundle in her arms. Silence fell as the pair met. It moved, and he stepped closer. I want to show you something. I thought that my power over death prevented me from having children. My daughter has the power of the living world inside her, and nature has a tendency to want to give birth.

Psyche and I, like Hades and Persephone, are parents. Eros grinned and held out his arms, accepting the large bundle from his wife. His smile never wavered as he pulled aside a corner of the blanket to reveal two tiny faces. A wave of shock spread through the assembled gods.

Goddesses had not birthed twins in a very long time. All twins were special, even among the gods, and Zeus stepped forward, eyes wide. Psyche, Eros; you know that these children are special.

Do they have names yet? He is golden and she silver-white, like Artemis and Apollo. He will be independent and prone to rash decisions, but the world will benefit from his wisdom when he finally settles down. She will know the greatest joy and the greatest pain and she will save the humans from their own stupidity.

Eros, brother, let me take her as my apprentice. I can teach her power and purity, love and hope, strength and fearlessness. She will need them. You think that your girl is a child of darkness, cursed to never know the light.

For now, we all will teach her. She will learn everything that can be learned on Olympus and in the Underworld until she is ready to find her own place. I will teach her of love and kindness. They will grow up together and be the closest of friends for sure, and that strength will carry them through the separation sure to come for such very special Children of the Gods.

Se, Serenity, Tranquility; welcome to Olympus. Have a nice day. And here is Nao as herself.

setsuna and marina relationship quizzes

We went shopping yesterday and again today. I now have Charmed season 1 and I found the song by The Cranberries called "Just My Imagination" that they sang when they were the musical guests on Charmed.

I don't remember when that was, but I always remembered the distinctive voice. And now that I have that free version of RealRhapsody until school ends, I can listen to it whenever I want to.