Resident evil leon and claire relationship trust

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resident evil leon and claire relationship trust

Together, Leon and Claire decided to seek refuge within the Raccoon City Police Station, During Operation Javier Leon had a similar relationship with Manuela amount of trust in the people he cares about, in Resident Evil: Degeneration. For Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message the complaints was the description of Leon and Ada's relationship. . Claire didn't trust Ada at all and got annoyed at Leon whenever he wanted to trust her. If there's ever a game about the Resident Evil biohazard coming to an end . Claire's relationships share a similar fate as Leon's, where she.

I don't give a crap what any site says. Code Verona was to star Leon, instead of Steve. Leon would then confess his love for Claire and die.


RE4 Leon was to be infected and killed by Claire, who then would call her brother and they'd finish infected Leon once and for all. That would also be the end of the franchise. Then, Degeneration ahd some flirty moments with these two.

Notice how they hold each other's hand and don't let go until the secretary comes into picture. This happens when they meet each other for the first time in the film.

The scene where Claire goes to protect Ranni and Leon flips out then throws his gun at her. He goes to her rescue and they stand there looking at each other until someone calls their attention. The end of the film when they're flat out flirting and it's the first time we see Leon smile. If we go by what RE6 plot gives us, we can assume Leon and Claire became some sort of parents to little Sherry.

They were her guardians until the end. If they like each other or not we don't know but it is odd that every time they're together in something, they're painted as a 'family'. Darkside Chronicles also had flirty moments. Claire didn't trust Ada at all and got annoyed at Leon whenever he wanted to trust her. Shingles are missing from the roof; the walls are battered with cracks and chips, some barely there while others are visibly noticeable; the once clear windows are fogged with grit and grime, and the base, the very first building block, is steadily crumbling away.

They always told her that a fairytale ended with the prince marrying the princess and living happily ever after in wedded bliss, but they were wrong. Sure the first year of marriage was great, more than great it was fantastic, but that's because you were still riding on the high of becoming a married couple and living in the honeymoon period, but after the first year comes the second and that's when the rose colored tint begins to wear off.

Don't get her wrong, she still loved her husband, very much so and he her, but it was the little things that never bothered her or that she never really cared about before that began to get on her nerves. During the second year of marriage, Claire Kennedy, nee Redfield, noticed that he often left the toilet seat up or left his clothes where ever they lay until laundry day or smoked the occasional cigarette inside instead of out. And Leon noticed that she tended to leave the lights on even after she left the room or recklessly endangered her life by not wearing a motorcycle helmet or insisted on turning the volume up to the max when listening to her favorite song.

Nevertheless, they forgave each other for their minor annoyances because what was a marriage without a few bumps along the road, but were paved anew with compromise and understanding?

Besides all that they ever needed was trust, support, honesty, and love for each other. However, after living alone for most of their lives old habits are hard to break and as the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog a new trick. When their third year came about that was when the boundaries of their marriage were truly tested.

Half way through that year, Claire was laid off and with their income now cut in half it was a struggle to continue living their life of leisure. The world had now become a cut throat place.

Leon and Claire throughout the ages. Are they going be couple in the end ? : residentevil

With a recessive economy and the overall scarcity of employment, the success of her finding a job in her field of expertise was slim. Disagreements and arguments are no longer uncommon and as each one became louder and heated so did the cracks along their walls. But the sun had to break through the clouds at some point and for her they finally did. At long last her tireless search for a job was over. Working endless hours serving greasy food at a mediocre diner just to be paid a dollar or two over minimum wage was nothing to jump in joy about, but a job was a job and it helped pay the bills.

After all what couple didn't have their ups and downs? And then they entered their fourth year of marriage. The arguments continued, mostly about their financial issues and sometimes about nonsensical things that get blown out of proportion, and more cracks lined their walls along with a few dents here and there.

Leon stayed out later and later only to come back in the early hours of morning claiming they were for work. Excuses were made and empty words of forgiveness were handed out easily yet the damage was already done. The windows were smudged with dirt and chunks were missing from the foundation.

Every relationship had their trials and this was theirs.

resident evil leon and claire relationship trust

As the fifth year rolled around, Claire noticed that she could no longer ignore nature's call. Her biological clock was tick-tick-ticking away and her increasing want of a child became ever so clear. Deep down she knew that a child wasn't an instant fix to their problems, but with her husband away most of the time working as he repeatedly claimedloneliness crept upon her like a second skin and she ached to hold someone who looked at her like she was the center of their world.

When Claire brought up the subject of children, Leon readily agreed since he desired a child as well. He was no fool for he knew exactly what this distance was doing to her, and to them, and he dearly hoped that this would bring the happiness back to their crumbling marriage. A child wasn't the answer to their problems, but it could be a step in the right direction. Their sixth year produced no child and when there was still no pitter patter of tiny feet on polished floorboards in the beginning of the seventh year they stopped trying altogether.

They saw all kinds of doctors, specialists, and experts, and after every visit they were always told the same thing, "There's nothing wrong with you.

Keep trying and a child will come. It just takes time. The mounting frustration of each failed attempt lead to more fights. There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with you, they kept saying.


If that were true then why weren't they bestowed with the gift of life? Disappointed and hurt that they're unable to create a tiny being in their own images, blame was carelessly tossed around. He blamed her while she blamed him when in actuality neither were at fault, but at the same time they were all the while the cracks turned into deep tears and a piece of the roofing caved in. Not all couples needed a child to become happy and perhaps they were meant to fit into that category.

One night during their eighth year of marriage, Claire stayed up late waiting for Leon to return home as she was wont to do for the last four years. He finally stumbled in at the wee hours of morning smelling of a night wasted in alcohol and of cheap perfume. She never questioned his nightly activities and he never looked her in the eyes after coming home. It just became an unestablished rule for them after years of discontent. He'd waver at the door for a moment or two before shuffling off to bed while she'd stare after him, still as a statue.

All the while the silence engulfed them, speaking more than any kind of hollow words spoken between them. Everyone was entitled to one or two secrets and they were no exception. In their ninth year of marriage came an uneasy calm. Gone were the days of teasing laughter, easy smiles and gentle companionship. Their days were filled with stony silence, blank stares and mild avoidance.

Instead of staying out all night and coming back in the early hours of daylight, Leon stayed out for two, maybe three days at a time. Chatter, whether it was about anything or everything, no longer passed between them, but small almost monosyllabic responses.

With no child and no husband to care for, a desperate longing filled her being. She wanted, no, needed to hear his voice. She missed Leon dearly and wished for a way for them to go back to how it used to be during their first year.

Even though they've faced many hardships she still loved him and decided it was time to fix what is broken. After all it was better late than never.

resident evil leon and claire relationship trust

A twittering sounded out to the left of him. Groaning slightly at the interruption of his sleep, he swung his arm out and groped blindly at the floor for the source of the noise. Finally locating it under a pile of clothes he brought the object up to his face and squinted at the flashing LCD screen. He sleepily sat up and swung his legs to the side of the bed before flipping his phone open.

He stared at the name trying to reach him. His thumb hovered over the green button, debating with himself whether or not he should answer the call when the sound of rustling sheets and the sleepy call of his name from his companion disturbed his thoughts.

Come back to bed. The sheets rustled some more as he pressed his bare form against his equally bare lover. Just go back to sleep. Unbeknownst to him, he never realized the caller on the other end heard their hushed exchange when his lover interrupted his thoughts and he accidentally pressed the connect button. Silent tears trailed down her cheeks as the incessant dial tone continued to filter into her ears.

Filthy panes of glass shattered as an entire section of wall collapsed followed by half of the roofing. Large chunks of gray foundation broke away leaving an uneven surface as the house began to wobble unsteadily on its perch. No one said that maintaining a marriage of bliss was going to be easy. And now we head into their tenth year of marriage, a milestone. They say that once you reach the ten year mark it's nothing but a smooth ride for the rest of the way.

What a bunch of lies. By now they should almost be veterans at the whole holy matrimony thing. They couldn't be further from the truth. After that abysmal phone call, communication between them all but stopped. To this day he still had to idea that he had accepted the call and she never had the courage to confront him. If she had then perhaps they could have had the chance to air all of their dirty laundry for the last nine years and been on their way to mending their dilapidated house.

As it stands nothing has changed and their house of brick and stone is falling apart faster than a house of cards. But their love for each must have been strong enough if they were able to stay together for ten years even through their ups and downs.

This was proven when Leon decided to take Claire out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Hope blossomed in Claire's chest. Once again it was never too late to fix what was broken. They were half way through dinner and making light chatter for the first time in how many years was it; two, maybe three?