Louis and harry relationship tumblr

louis and harry during the x factor | Tumblr

louis and harry relationship tumblr

Some who feel that Louis and Harry are not in a relationship, when presented with 'couple tattoo theory' say that the tattoos are friendship. Harry and Louis' relationship “Briefly, they have been fooling around since the Xfactor At the time Harry knew he liked boys where as Louis was still unsure. boys (Lou & Haz) aware of all the Larry Stylinson supporters and all the Tumblr's ?. There are Tumblr accounts dedicated to their relationship, very detailed erotic the band), rumours of relationship cover ups - Harry and Louis being one of 'em.

This is so coupley and flirty. The rest of the boys are spread out, but Harry and Louis are walking together. These gifs never fail to make me laugh.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

They are literally in the middle of an interview when Louis gets an idea. He moves his hand behind Harry, out of sight as a mischievous grin grows on his face.

Larry Stylinson: EVERYTHING you need to know about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson's relationship

You can see that grin in the end of the first gif, and throughout the second. Louis looked at him for a moment, smiled, and then looked down. This gif is just so intimate. This small gesture is so telling. A small interaction between Harry and Louis.

Harry & Louis — Mirroring

No one suspects a thing. This definitely looks like it could be a quick kiss or even just a chance for Harry to be close to Louis for a moment.

How are either of those things even remotely platonic? The answers to both questions can be found on the link. Hmmmm, well, for starters, Louis is literally reaching across the couch just to touch Harry.

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Harry is leaning in towards Louis, while focused on his lips. In the second gif, Harry who is still leaning on Louis puckers his lips at Louis. Just watch the first gif. Harry wants to kiss Louis so bad. This is something that actually happened. Everything about this gif is amazing. Harry reaching out to catch Louis with eagerness.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

The way that Louis just puts his trust in Harry and hugs him as tight as he can. I will never be over this gif. Harry made him sure.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

They had flirted for a while until Harry finally asked him about it and Louis said he just wanted to take things slow and see if it worked, and it did. So they made it official. He tends to change his mind a bit. They both seemed fine.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

But Leeds was very special for both of them. Mostly just handholding and the occasional kiss. Or be coupley Tell us about it please! Please keep it up no matter what happens, they need it. They were absolutely killed for that. They got talked to about being more careful next time blah blah blah. And do they live togher? And yes, they live together.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

What the fuck do Harry and Louis whisper about?! I have no clue what they say to each other. How did you know that? Yup they know about the song too. Harry has Louis and Aiden has Matt.

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  • Harry & Louis are a couple.

And did the placement of the tattoo have anything to do with it being where the Leeds bracelet was? And yes it has to do with the Leeds bracelet.

When it ripped for the second time Harry decided to get something more permanent. He still has the bracelet though.