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One of Lenalee's biggest regrets is the time she left Allen behind to save a girl within Allen, their relationship has become stained as Lenalee tries to search . Lenalee Lee is a fictional character in the manga series czechbattlefield.info-man, created by Japanese The apparent romantic relationship that grows between Lenalee and Allen in the series led to a brief video clip where Christian acting as Lenalee. And that just made me realize that I'll never understand why, when it comes to Allen and Lenalee's relationship, most people claim that.

Due to his left eye causing him to work hard, and his self-sacrificing personality, Lenalee is constantly worried about Allen, and makes it her mission to make sure he doesn't push himself too hard. After Allen was granted entry into the Black OrderLenalee showed Allen around the place, lightly mentioning that many people consider the Order their "Home", a sentiment Allen would later come to share.

Allen is then shown to be smitten when Lenalee gave him a warm smile and welcomed him home from his first mission in Mater, thinking to himself that she is "so cute".

In the Rewinding Town Arc, the two seem to get along nicely, co-operating well in fights and happily swapping tales of their childhood. However, they also had their first large argument when Lenalee stops Allen from killing himself saving a self-destructing Akuma. She then shuns him until he apologizes for raging at her, tearfully berating him for not considering her a friend and promising to always save his life.

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Around this time, Lenalee also starts having dreams of the Order in ruins and Allen's dead body sinking into a dark pool. Allen eventually sees this vision in his limbo after Tyki 's attack. The two also seem to share a telepathic connection, shown during Lenalee's fight with Eshi, with Allen hearing Lenalee's voice inside his head and seeing a faint image of the surrounding ocean overlapping with his own reality.

The two then mutually reminisce a past memory; after waking from the nightmare one night, Lenalee went searching for Allen, who has disappeared from his bed.

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Upon finding Allen dealing with his swollen cursed eye, she threw herself at him and cried in relief. She enjoyed drawing Lenalee because of her personality, and her relationship with other series' characters such as Komui and Reever Wenhamm.

Because her hair grew longer as the series went on, the author gave her different hairstyles. When the manga moved to Jump Squarea magazine for older readers, Hoshino decided to increase Lenalee's sex appeal by having her skirt shorter even though she is also wearing shorts beneath it. After Allen Walker became a fugitive from the Order, Hoshino wanted to have Lenalee chase after him, to the point where they would clash.

Christian has stated she liked the character and was happy that Funimation intended to release the series' second half in so that she could voice her again.

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Gray-man[ edit ] Lenalee is introduced in D. Gray-man's sixth manga chapter when she shows exorcist newcomer Allen Walker the Black Order. Her parents were killed by an Akuma when she was very young, and she was forced to become an Exorcist as a child. Because she was separated from her brother, Komui Leeher only remaining family member, she tried repeatedly to escape but was restrained. As a result, she hated the Order and Innocence. When Komui joined the Order to be with her, she stopped trying to escape.

She now fights for her brother as well as her friends, knowing she has a home and family to return to. She then coaxes more power from her Innocence than she can safely handle, reducing her ability to use her boots as well as her physical mobility. During this state, her Innocence becomes a crystal to protect her from harm, a behavior unheard of in Innocence.

However, the Earl tries to take her, but the exorcist is saved by the returning Allen. Lenalee willingly expresses a desire to become an exorcist. These new Boots are made up of Lenalee's blood and repair themselves as long as she has blood in her body.

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When the Dark Boots are in their dormant state, they form two blood-red anklets. However, she fails as Allen confirms he still considers the Order his home before his departure. Gray-man spin-off light novels by Kaya Kizaki. Gray-man character popularity polls, she has consistently taken the fourth spot surpassed in each poll by Allen Walker, Yu Kanda and Lavi.