Jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra reunite for short drama 'Old Goodbye' | allkpop

jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

"Fated To Love You" #Kdrama Jang Nara, Drama Gif, Jang Hyuk . See more. “ Fated to Love You”: Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara Are A Workout Couple. Two of drama land's biggest stars, the evergreen Jang Nara and the dashing Jung Kyung Ho (Falling for Innocence) plays Song Soo Hyuk, a reporter Expectations return to reality as lovey-dovey virtual couple, Kim So Yeon So Yeon makes a timely appointment with Mi Mo for advice on how to get. See more ideas about Jang nara, Jang hyuk and Drama korea. Jang Nara". See more. “Fated to Love You”: Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara Are A Workout Couple.

I was like, Wha? Jang Hyuk playing a dancer who tries to learn to be a fighter? I found that really amusing, coz in reality, it was the other way around. It was a little odd seeing him dance, but he really did well, I must say.

jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

He was often called on to dance, but imperfectly for the most part, and he would have to emote from a wide range in the process. Or to see Jang Hyuk in motion, check out the movie teaser: It was a character showcase, and I thought Jang Hyuk did beautifully, with not much dialogue written for him. That was my favorite thing about that film: He was able to convey a lot about his character without having to say much, and I loved that.

I also stumbled on a tidbit one day while surfing for something else, that some fangirls had even seen him eating at a food court in Singapore while he was here filming the movie. So I checked out Robber, and was rewarded with more Jang Hyuk hotness. Yes, you read that right. And he even did several for the camera.

Roguish and caddish, yet sometimes thoughtful and pensive.

jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

The eye candy was quite good in Robber. Nowhere near Chuno standards, to be sure, but not too bad at all, especially for a Jang Hyuk-hungry fangirl. First of all, he cleans up quite nicely: And then there are the shirtless scenes: Plus, he got to be both badass: Episode Will Sincerity be Understood years ago Jang Mi insists that they would regain her what you know they want grandchildren. Hoping to the SideReel you can track your family from their own hands.

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Park KyungLim to Son HoJun, "Since when did you have feelings for Jang Nara?"

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Let me tell you something… just between you and me; Jang Na Ra was my main reason for checking out this drama. Often I will watch dramas because of my appreciation for the male lead, or an honest draw to the storyline. This was a gravitational pull towards the cutest, ageless beauty that is Nara.

jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

It was quite refreshing, in fact, to not be watching and distracted by the male lead. I felt less biased although perhaps my bias was just being redirected. Mi Mo is no push-over, but because Nara is the epitome of cuteness, she brought this sincere, longing for love aspect to the character.

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How often do you see this many relationships in one drama? Mi Mo just wants to be loved and to love. With these two, this is not the case. Although 5 years have past since their marriage has ended, they both carry this bitterness and resentment towards each other.

I often felt embarrassed for Mi Mo, because she repeatedly allows her ex-husband to get under her skin. Whenever she seems him, she repeatedly feels the urge to bring up the past and make the situation even more uncomfortable. He comes across somewhat sadistic, because he appears to get pleasure out of her making a fool out of herself.

I think this poisonous and awkward dynamic between the two of them, although not the focus of the drama, is important.

Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra reunite for short drama 'Old Goodbye'

It kinda helps us understand the current Mi Mo and her insecurities. I think he makes her feel inferior, so she feels the need to overcompensate when they interact. That is quite sad. What is cool though, is they seem to get along well as friends. Their bitterness seems minimal and they can happily coexist working together.

Hopefully she does find happiness and someone who would treat her well. Here you have a married couple at their wits end. Every time they even speak to each other, it comes off cold.

When they talk it turns into personal attacks towards each other.

jang nara and hyuk relationship counseling

Divorce seems imminent for them.