Elephant and mahout relationship

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elephant and mahout relationship

"When I first saw an elephant in Kumli in Kerala, I fell in love with it," The relationship between mahout and elephant often lasts for decades. This was the perfect activity, since I have been fascinated by the elephant- mahout relationship ever since I saw my first elephant here (and. Happy mahouts mean happy elephants. The Mahouts at the Mondulkiri Project have long and caring relationships with our elephants.

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  • A love for elephants binds generations of this mahout’s family
  • Life without Krishnankutty
  • Mahouts | carers of the elephants

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'How an elephant changed my life'

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elephant and mahout relationship

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Elephant & controller's Relationship

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Some temples have their own elephants; Guruvayur Temple in Thrissur district has around The busy roster of Hindu religious festivals sees elephants moving around from temple to temple; at some festivals, like Thrissur Pooram and Arattupuzha Pooram, the number of elephants in attendance sometimes crosses the mark. The high demand for ceremonial elephants means the owners of celebrity elephants can ask for—and get—Rs.

At the festivals, two of which I witnessed last year, ornately decorated elephants stand in a semi-circle as a frenzied crowd of thousands dances before them to the boisterous sounds of hundreds of chenda drumskombu hornkuzhal pipe and ilathalam cymbalswhich are part of what is known as the symphonic melam.

elephant and mahout relationship

The famous elephants—a class apart because they meet criteria ranging from height, forehead bump, eye and tusk colour and trunk and tail size, to behaviour, even the quality of toenails—have their own fan clubs, statues, feature films, television series and Facebook pages. Animal rights activists have complained about the torture that these elephants suffer in life-long captivity, in chains.

Think Elephants International: The History of “Mahout-ing” (in a nutshell)

Some of the elephants bear injury marks from the spears that the mahouts use to discipline them, while the chains on ankles have cut through the skin of some others. Nair with a picture of Krishnankutty. Shamik Bag At his home in Chirakkadavu village in a remote corner of Kottayam district, Nair says he had little use for the spear.

elephant and mahout relationship

Krishnankutty never misbehaved, and even during the couple of months of musth—an annual cycle of heightened sexual tension and aggression in male elephants—Krishnankutty rarely needed strict disciplining.

For Nair, a typical day at work would begin at 8am. It would involve feeding the elephant, cleaning his nails and feet, giving a bath and a scrub with copra—Krishnankutty would squeak gently in delight, sometimes weaving his trunk languorously around Nair.

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We grew up together and he knew my every mood like I knew his. Even during musth, he would invariably calm down somewhat on seeing me. I was a few hours late—the burial had taken place at dawn on the same patch of land where Krishnankutty had stayed. A large circular area had been dug up and trees felled to allow the crane carrying the elephant to enter, and floodlights installed.