Caesar and kobas relationship

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caesar and kobas relationship

For the apes it is Caesar, the sage protagonist, and for the humans it is Malcolm, the Koba was tortured by humans in an earlier chapter of this story; there is no relationship between PTSD and stupidity or evilness, though. Unlike other Roman relationships, the mar- riage between the flamen dialis and Caesar's marriage to Cornelia grew into a loving relationship, but it also tied. There's more to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Caesar and Koba than you might realize. Let's talk about who really made Koba.

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Revelations This section is a stub. You can help expand this section by adding some information. Legacy Edit Ash's actions would then tell Koba that there are still other apes that have loyalty that remains only to Caesar.

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This would have Ash's father RocketMauriceLuca and other apes imprisoned on a bus next to the human prisoners. After having been reunited with his father, Blue Eyes tearfully tells Caesar that Koba has killed Ash, which leaves Caesar just as devastated that Koba would kill his nephew for defying him. Ash's death is what causes Blue Eyes to finally see Koba for what he truly was; an evil monster.

caesar and kobas relationship

It also causes Blue Eyes to turn against Koba. Ash's father Rocket would also turn against Koba, when he finds out that his former friend killed his son. During the final battle between Caesar and Koba, Koba says that he fights for the apes, but Caesar mentions that Koba killed Ash and that Koba only fights for himself.

Ash was later avenged by Caesar when he drops Koba to his death. Ash is referenced not by name by his father when Rocket, Maurice and Luca catch up with Caesar as he leaves to confront McCullough. Rocket tells Caesar that he needs him Rocket as he knows what it's like to lose a son. Personality Edit As Rocket's son, Ash was the opposite of his father; he was kind and was not known to be violent, he believes in Caesar's policies, much to the annoyance of Blue Eyes who was more committed to Koba's beliefs, Ash was also known to be overconfident when it comes to outdoing Blue Eyes.

Abilities Edit Animal Strength: Like all chimpanzees, Ash was very powerful and strong. Like all chimpanzees, Ash was very fast; Ash once mentioned that he was faster than Blue Eyes, it was unknown if it was true or if he said this out of overconfidence. Like all chimpanzees, Ash had good reflexes; Ash once mentioned that his reflexes were superior to Blue Eyes', it was unknown if it was true or if he said this out of overconfidence.

As the son of an altered chimpanzee, Ash was highly intelligent; because his father Rocket inhaled the ALZ early in his life, Ash had a higher level of intelligence than his father.

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As the son of an altered chimpanzee, Ash was born with the ability of speech, while his father learned to speak later in life, he never spoke in the film, so it was unknown how good his english was. As the son of the second-in-command of the Ape ArmyAsh was likely trained in combat by his father Rocket, or his honorary uncles Caesar, or Koba as he was seen to be capable of wielding a spear.

Like his fellow apes Ash knows American Sign Language. He gained Caesar's respect upon discovering tracking devices in the fruit left as bait by Anvil forces, and was later adopted as Caesar's brother after he risked his life holding off an attack whilst Caesar led the rest of the troop to safety. During the 10 year time jump, Koba is now an advisor and lieutenant to Caesar and has a close association with him and his eldest son, Blue Eyes.

It would seem Caesar has forgiven Koba for his attempted attack on Will as the pair were close friends and acted like brothers.

caesar and kobas relationship

Upon the rediscovery of humans, Koba surmise that Caesar favors them more than the apes, thus Koba began to rebel. Koba shot Caesar while hiding and set the village on fire, pinning the blame on the humans.

caesar and kobas relationship

He then led the apes to war where they killed or captured most of the humans in San Francisco. Koba imprisoned any ape that still remained loyal to Caesar after making an example when he killed Ash for refusing to kill a human.


When Caesar reveals himself to be alive, Koba was greatly surprised but stated that Caesar had no place among the apes as they follow him now but Caesar remarked they follow him to war. Koba arrogantly boasted the apes will win the war with him leading them before calling Caesar weak however, this did not faze Caesar who calmly stated "Koba weaker" causing the latter to lash out at his former friend and leading to a brutal duel between the two apes.

As they fought, Caesar expressed his contempt for Koba's actions stating he had loved and trusted Koba like a brother, but Koba tried to justify his actions by claiming Caesar was a brother to humans and he Koba was fighting for apes; Caesar then claimed Koba's actions were not for the welfare of the apes, only himself.

caesar and kobas relationship