Benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

The O.C: Set secrets from show starring Mischa Barton

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

Chris Carmack and Mischa Barton in The O.C. Picture: Everett CollectionSource: Benjamin McKenzie, Mischa Barton and Peter Gallagher. Now Cosmo has turned the table adn got her to gab about her buzzed-about show and what's really going on with her hot costar Ben McKenzie. Help us build our profile of Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for.

Therefore, in many ways, the decision to scrap that idea was most definitely for the better. One of those was Kevin Volchok, a bad boy with no redeeming qualities whatsoever who just had to take up with the poor, reckless Marissa. Naturally, as a rival for Marissa's attention and affection, Volchok and Ryan sparred frequently on screen.

The O.C: Costume designer spills show secrets

Still, he doesn't harbor any resentment toward him: But I love him. I think he's a great actor and I love Southland. According to Tate Donovan, who played the perennially toxic and unstable Jimmy Cooper on the series, the kids found themselves gaining something else in addition to fame: As Donovan explained in a interview with Vulture, commemorating the show's tenth anniversary, "the kids on the show had developed a really bad attitude.

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The adults were all fantastic, total pros. But you know how it is with young actors — and I know because I was one of them once.

When you achieve a certain amount of success, you want to be doing something else.

MIscha Barton and Benjamin Mckenzie Kissing Season 2

As it turns out, the political weight of a show like The O. Knowing what The O.

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

Before deciding to tell the story of the dark side of the affluent world of Newport Beach, other ideas that Schwartz considered included a gritty drama about sports, or yet another hard-hitting police procedural with a darker tone.

Thankfully for fans of The O. For anyone who wanted to see a little bit of what could have been, leading man Ben McKenzie has almost exclusively taken leading roles in gritty police dramas ever since. So it was time to step back.

The OC revisited: How Marissa killed herself off

Supplied Schwartz also freely admits the decision was also a ploy to ensure the show would be picked up by Fox for a fourth season, after three years of diminishing returns.

In her career, she was making quite considered film choices. She was busy in Virgin Territory was an expensive flop that aimed somewhere between American Pie and Twilight, but she scored a massive UK box office hit with St Trinians, a comedy based on a classic British comedy strip.

InBarton was also arrested for drink-driving and driving without a licence, and was ordered into rehab by the court.

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Getty Images In July,things really got out of control. She took a bunch of sedatives to deal with this, and woke up a few hours later in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Confused and erratic, she threatened and fought staff members, and tried to leave.

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

She was strapped to a gurney, after which she threatened to take her own life. Mischa Barton at Cannes last year.

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Getty Images She bounced from Paris to London to Hollywood and New York, taking various low-key roles in theatre, modelling and independent films.

Most of her work since has been in independent horror films. Last January, police responded to a disturbance call to find Barton in her backyard, ranting and yelling incoherently about the end of the world.

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

She was taken to hospital, as the video circulated the gossip sites. The following month, Barton found herself in further trouble when she drove a removalist truck into a condo.

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

She is still embroiled in legal battles with U-Haul over the crash, who have seized the items she had in the truck at the time of the accident. Mischa Barton caught on camera freaking out in her backyard. Mischa Barton is set to star on reality show The Hills: This is a bold move for Barton in that it marks her first leap into the world of reality television, a world that bolstered the socialites she once partied with: The crucial difference of her being an actor first meant Barton was one step removed from the aforementioned celebrities, but now she is letting the cameras in, so to speak.

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton relationship

She is leaning into the perception of her as a socialite. Or maybe she is just down to taking previously spurned offers on such reality shows.