Asmita sood and pearl puri relationship

'Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil' couple Pearl V Puri and Asmita Sood part ways? - IBTimes India

asmita sood and pearl puri relationship

Needless to say, Pearl is elated. In a candid interview, he talks about his struggle, dreams and rumoured affair with co-star Asmita Sood. Badtameez Dil co-star Asmita Sood, is now very close to Hiba on the set. nawab and pearl v puri, pearl v puri and asmita sood relationship. Hiba Nawab and Pearl V. Puri's 'friendship' dates back to their 'Meri Saasu Maa' days. Post his break up with co-star Asmita Sood, Pearl fround.

Needless to say, Pearl is elated.

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil's lead actors Asmita Sood and Pearl V Puri dating?

In a candid interview, he talks about his struggle, dreams and rumoured affair with co-star Asmita Sood. How has been the experience so far in the TV industry? You have got a great reception. So far…so good I have learnt a lot and enjoyed myself.

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My team is my very supportive and work has been fun. I am overwhelmed and thankful. After Badtameez Dil went off air, you must have been disheartened… We are getting 3. The day the show went off air, the makers were flooded with requests to bring Abeer Pearl and Meher Asmita Sood back.

We were very upset but the web-series has revived our spirits. I just could not believe it. I feel this concept of watching shows on mobiles or Tabs will pick up gradually in India. It is already popular in the US and Australia. Coming from a smaller city like Agra, how was your first day in Mumbai? I felt like the new boy who enters a new school.

But the city has treated me well. There was this initial phase of struggle but I believe that it is a journey towards achieving sometime worthwhile. You dad is reportedly dead against your choice of career…is it true? Yes, my mom supports me but he is totally against it. We have a well-established family business back home and he wants me to take care of it. Knowing that travelling is a hassle in Mumbai, mom gifted me a car on my birthday.

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She was there at the start to set me up. Things have improved after Badtameez Dil but dad is still to agree on it.

asmita sood and pearl puri relationship

There are quite a few rockstars on TV. Being a debutante, did you not fear the comparisons? Insecurity was never there.

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil’s Asmita Sood and Pearl V Puri dating? -

I always have the attitude of a runner. When an athlete runs, he just looks at the post, not at his competitors.

asmita sood and pearl puri relationship

They are all actors doing their job. Have you put your inputs in the character of Abeer? Yes, the writers and CVs wrote the part but I want a part of me in Abeer.

I can relate to Abeer as I am passionate about music like he is. I have been writing and composing music since eighth standard. It is a part of my life. How is Asmita as a co-star? Did that cause clashes? Badtameez Dil was complaining of breathlessness and palpitation while shooting for his current show, Nagarjuna - Ek Yoddha.

The unit took him to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed it as an anxiety attack. Pearl who was last seen on Meri Saasu Maa was roped in for Nagarjuna as the makers needed a muscular actor to play the snake warrior in the fantasy thriller show. He was quoted as saying, "More than anxiety, it was loneliness and depression. There is no one to take care of me in Mumbai as my parents live in Delhi.

I was feeling homesick and wanted to go home. My parents did not support my decision to become an actor, so they have visited me only once in five years.

I don't even tell them when I fall ill.

Pearl and Asmita aka Abeer and Meher of Badtameez Dil talk about their first impression

I have friends, but it's a ruthless world. People are busy with their lives, so when you fall sick, you feel lonelier. However, I am better now and will be discharged soon.

asmita sood and pearl puri relationship