Winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

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winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - Flora, Helia - Chapters: 8 - Words: His wife was a ex-member of the infamous Winx Club. Flora and Helia didn't know they liked each other and confessed but is this a happily ever after? Let's find out!!. Home Community Cartoons Winx Club All awesome Flora and Helia stories forever. All awesome Flora has always been the shy one until she meets Helia.

FLORA AND HELIA. Love story.

Her breath was ragged, from both lack of oxygen and excitment. Helia left with a smile kiss to her mouth before moving to the door to find their four year old daughter, holding the hand of her three year old brother.

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

The I remembered that mummy and daddy have a nice, warm room because they have a fire. So I came here," the four year old explained in a high pitched voice.

Beside her, Alexander nodes, confirming her story. She threw herself on the bed with a bit if a jump and snuggled next to her mother, whom she was practically a mirror image of, save for the midnight blue eyes. Helia smiled, picking up Alex who was his own mirror with the exception of his mothers eyes and walking to the bed, closing the door behind him.

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Avery had always remained platonic when choosing a favourite parent, so it was quite a shock when from a even younger age Alex favoured his mother over his father.

He still loved his father, and Helia never felt jealousy towards his feelings, so it was fine. It was no secret that of all of her aunts, Stella was her favourite, and Alexanders was Layla, without a doubt. It was 5 years ago the group broke up, and just 6 months after that they said their vows.

Making them the first to tie the knot, but it was when Flora fell pregnant just 3 months later, the group constantly teased them about being the first to break and how they couldn't wait. Avery was the first child to be born from a previous Winx member, followed by Amber, Bloom and Sky's daughter, who she is close friends with. But it was just 1 month after Floras all-clear from the doctor she fell pregnant for a second time.

Oh, how they were teased for bearly waiting 3 months after she was pregnant with Avery before getting Flora impregnated all over again. Although both of her children may not have been planned, as she looked over there huddling forms laying atop her and next to her respectively, she knew they were the best things that ever happened to her. Closely followed by the man who gave them to her, her husband and love of her life, Helia. It was then I realised we didn't have many Flora x Helia stories so I whipped up this quickie to see how people will react.

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Will Helia finally reveal his true colors? More importantly, will he ever see her again?

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

So small, yet they have so much meaning. Life isn't as sweet as it once was to Flora. Orphaned and working for people she hates, she takes out her frustrations by conning market vendors.

When the news that the mixer of bachelorettes set up for the prince is open to anyone, of course she's going to sneak out.

Flora meets new eccentric friends and digs up old feelings.

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Unsure what to do, Flora must decide if keeping a gangster as her lover or cooperating with the Specialists is best for her family. Her attraction to Helia is swaying her decision, but she's in too deep for her choice to not cause dangerous repercussions.

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Not having a knack for romance she didn't appreciate him rubbing it in her face. Setting out to find out who he really was and give him a piece of her mind, will she come to realize that's he's what she's been missing all along? When her parents offer her the opportunity of a life time, will she take it or will her dream stay a dream?

This story goes deep into want Flora wants to have and feel. Romance is sure of. What happens when Helia's grandmother finds out about her ex husband's new girlfriend?