Will ram and priya meet on monday

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will ram and priya meet on monday

This is how much of the world meets Priya, India's newest superhero and a rape survivor. Created by Indian-American filmmaker Ram Devineni, 'Priya's Shakti', to the public for free on Monday, December 8th and can be downloaded from. Television's favourite lovers will come face to face very soon next Thursday, in fact! Finally the moment we have all been waiting for with bated. Ram Devineni. Meet Ram Devineni, one of the artists we worked with on Incarnations: India in 50 Lives. We first came across Ram's work through Priya's Shakti.

Originally published on Factual for Asia — republished with permission. Multi Media-Comic book with augmented reality, street art, social media Producer: Rattapallax Inc-Ram Devineni Developed at: Tribeca New Media fund, Ford foundation Rape and gender based violence is one of the most distressing issues facing modern India. Violence against women is cutting across caste, class, age and location. He happened to speak to one of the policemen, who told him casually that the rape was obviously the fault of the girl, for being out of the house in the evening.

This attitude -of first and foremost blaming the victim of the crime- was the issue that Ram wanted to explore more. It is a project that aims to create an alternative attitude towards violence against women. By tying up with NGOs who work with rape victims, the filmmakers have a long term plan to distribute millions of copies of the comic book, to raise awareness against this issue.

The AR comic book on a tablet I have been following interactive documentaries and transmedia projects for a while now, and I find it interesting how different people incorporate interactivity in their projects.

Coming from a documentary filmmaking background, I used to expect projects to reflect tons of research and filmmakers to work on access of key characters and deal with footage issues.

But as I am learning quickly, none of these are necessary and the transmedia world is large enough to incorporate different forms of story telling. As Ram mentions in his interview- the three holy grails of creating an interactive project are to create an app, or a documentary or a website that allows considerable viewer participation.

Central to the project is a simplistic fictional comic book story, which has Hindu Gods coming to the rescue of Priya, a young rape victim. But what makes this project unique are the ancillary aspects. It is created as a multi platform media project that uses augmented reality, a technology more commonly used in advertising and by big corporates, to open the discussion on a social issue. Page from the comic.

Click to see full-size. If you are checking out the project, do download the free app Blippar at the beginning on your smart phone. Then point your phone to the select images in the comic book, and you will experience another dimension to the book. You can hear animated voices of Indian women who have survived sexual assault and faced the trauma of being social outcasts. If you are in Mumbai, you can check out the AR — enabled street art that has been made in Dharavi.

Ram has been working as a bank technologist with Citibank for the last fifteen years. Can you take us through the journey of how you went about developing your initial idea? Ram Devineni I have always been interested in religious studies and in Hinduism. I went on a journey travelling across South East Asia and India, exploring different temples, and observing what different deities meant to people.

will ram and priya meet on monday

I also read many Amar Chitra Kathas extremely popular comic book series in India that has stories about Indian mythology. I just had this idea that I wanted to do a story on gender violence in India but had no idea in what form. I created a short film cut from old Bollywood films from the s, basically a way to tell a story about this issue, using Indian mythological characters.

So there were all these abstract thoughts in my head.

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Tiny moans leak from her throat. Ram pauses to blow against her, his hot breath making her writhe. He stops again, and she was sure she was going to lose it. The muscles in her belly tense and release. It will take only the barest pressure to make her go over, just the right touch, but he was not giving it to her. The bed moves as he shifts. His body covers hers, chest hairs tantalizing her nipples wet from his saliva.

His thighs and belly press against hers. Ram grunts and moves inside her. The pain has faded, replaced by a sensation of fullness, of being stretched. He gives a gentle, exploratory thrust. Ram bends to trace the curve of her ear with his tongue. He slides a hand under her hair, which has spread out on the pillow. He kisses her earlobe, then her neck.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Ram and Priya will meet next week!

His teeth press into the sensitive skin of her shoulder. He pushes inside her and slides out, inch by inch. He does it again. The next time he moves inside her, she gasp and curve to meet him. He moves a little faster and pushes himself back up on his hands.

The tendons in his arms stand out. She can look down between them, to the point where their bodies have joined. His dark curls tangle with her lighter hair. He pulls out and she sees the base of his erection, the ring of latex sheathing him, glistening. He pushes in and she watches fascinated, as he disappears inside her body. It brings a flush of red out on her chest, and it must spread to her throat because she feels the same heat there.

Priya watches him move in and out of her, and she thinks, connected. His face has gone solemn in concentration, eyes squinting, mouth creased. Sweat forms along his hairline. She smells him, a crisp bite of soap mixed with something musky and rich, like earth turned over in the garden after a heavy rain.

She slide her hands up along his chest, feeling his muscles bunch and move, touching the twin tight nipples so different than hers.

She pinches one, experimentally, and Ram groans, so she does it again. His thrusts are a little less smooth and a tremor runs through his body.

He stops and looks down at her. Without a word, he rolls both of them until Priya ends up on top, legs straddling his waist. She put a hand on his chest for balance, and his fingers grip her hips.

When he begins to move again, she was glad she did.

will ram and priya meet on monday

Her clit bumps his stomach with every thrust, and the weight, the heat, the ache is back, though the emptiness has been replaced by the delicious fullness of him stretching her. He slides a hand between them, his thumb cocked to press against her, and this extra pressure sends exquisite bolts of pleasure shooting through her like lightning. Every thrust rocks her clit against his thumb. She was being stroked inside and out. Her breath comes in hitches and gasps.

She is burning and frozen at the same time. He grunts and thrusts harder. Their bodies smack together, her ass against his thighs, belly to belly. Her fingers have dug into his shoulders, the palms of her hands pressed hard to his collarbone. The pulse in his neck beats fast and hard. It feels too good.

will ram and priya meet on monday

She no longer feels her arms, legs, back. Right now he pushed her to sit up straight. Her breasts bounce as his thrusts lift her up and down.

She wants to shout out more, words of love and gratitude. It would be easy enough to fall in love right now, with pleasure coursing through her veins headier than any wine has ever made her.

will ram and priya meet on monday

She shouts out his name again, then she stops trying to speak and ends up making sounds. Her clit is wet from her juices and his finger slips and slides against her. She has to be satisfied with looking down between their bodies, to the place his body joins with her. Electric sparks tingle in her thighs and down to her curling toes.

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So thin, until at last, she breaks. Her head tips back so far that it tickles her back. When she inhales, she merges back together.

A second time she burst apart and reform, more quickly and without as much drama. His cock pulses and he makes a series of small, stuttering groans that trail away as he falls back onto the pillow, spent. When Priya can breathe normally again, she gets off him. Ram slides out of her, and she can feel an unaccustomed sense of loss. The emptiness has returned, but different than before. She gives herself a mental going over, testing limbs and organs, testing for disruption in the way her body functions.

She thought having sex would somehow make her feel as if she sat differently inside herself, but right now all she felt was flushed and drowsy. She falls asleep …. She pick up her bra, then look for Her panties. The white lace has vanished against the white tangle of the sheets, and she paw through the hills and mountains of fabric they made with their Love Making.

Ram opens a sleepy eye and rolls on his side to watch her. She find her panties and snatch them up triumphantly. She quickly cleaned herself… She step into her panties and hook her bra, then grab her blouse and saree from the floor of the room. She put her clothes on faster than she had taken them off, even though her fingers are shaking and she have to redo the buttons.