Shanks and luffy meet again fast

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shanks and luffy meet again fast

is now in a position that I think Luffy could possibly meet with Shanks very soon. Though Luffy is in Wano One Piece is going towards it's conclusion very fast. When we first saw him with Luffy (in the first episode) and we see little He understood on that moment he isn't ready to fight Shanks, which it. luffy meets shanks again. tynokutopo kotyn; 20 videos; 23, views; Last updated on Sep 26, luffy meets shanks again. Play all. Share. Loading Save.

Only Rayleigh had managed to actually reach them and it had been a close thing. But Ace wasn't the only reason he was here. Not the main reason. Why are you really here? Shanks turned and stared in astonishment as a small boy crashed into a stack of crates and skidded directly toward him. He automatically stuck a foot out to stop the boy from sliding into him, staring down at the boy in fascination.

shanks and luffy meet again fast

Had Whitebeard found a new son? He was just a child.

The boy lifted his head and Shanks stared down at the last person he had expected to see aboard the Moby Dick. Whatever had been on the tip of his tongue died before the words were fully formed. He stared down at the boy in growing shock, relief flooding his entire being. For a moment they just stared at each other, completely dumbfounded.

After a moment, they both got over the initial shock, pointed at each other and shouted: Finally, he dove behind Jozu, who was standing a few dozen feet away and the closest object large enough to hide him. The Whitebeards stared at the Yonko in astonishment, glancing between Shanks, Luffy, and their captain for some clue on how they should be reacting. Whitebeard leaned forward in his chair, eyes narrowing. The giant man twisted around to glare down at Shanks in silent disapproval and crossed his arms.

His eyes flashed with irritation, totally unimpressed by Shanks' sheepish smile.

shanks and luffy meet again fast

His words were fraught with panic. We weren't supposed to meet again until I become a great pirate! The Red Haired pirates had collected every scrap of information on the ASL pirates they could get their hands on, but nothing had indicated that Whitebeard had taken them in, however temporarily.

He positioned himself in front of Luffy, one arm held out defensively. Their eyes widened in shock has they spotted Shanks standing a few feet away and exchanged glances, an odd expression crossing their faces.

He was silent for a moment, brow creased in thought.

shanks and luffy meet again fast

He suddenly whirled toward the red headed Yonko and pointed at him, eyes flashing with resolve. This meeting doesn't count.

This definitely doesn't count. Ace, Sabo, and the Whitebeards watched mesmerized as Luffy and Shanks sized each other up.

They waited with bated breath until finally, Luffy and Shanks broke into broad grins and burst out laughing. Shanks had come to find out about the ASL pirates because he had been worried about Luffy. He'd been concerned when Luffy had run away from the Yonko, but it was obvious from Luffy's expression that the boy adored Shanks.

Something wasn't quite right… "Luffy… where's my hat? I'd never lose it.

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On multiple occasions "I left it in the infirmary. Shanks clamped his hand over Luffy's mouth. Apparently he could still understand Luffy-speak, even after all this time. He could feel a migraine coming on.

He'd almost forgotten what dealing with Luffy was like. Shanks turned and glanced at the two teenage pirates, eyes lingering on Ace's face.

He eyed them warily, not entirely sure what to expect.

shanks and luffy meet again fast

Ace and Sabo bowed low to the ground and said in unison: That was the last thing he had expected to hear. It explained why Luffy was traveling with them, at least. He turned toward Luffy incredulously. We exchanged cups of sake and became brothers.

This is Ace and Sabo!


So… Shanks thought, regarding the three brothers curiously. You weren't alone after all. I'm glad for you, Luffy. Eyes softening, Shanks ruffled Luffy's hair. Sure enough, Whitebeard and Marco's gaze instantly went to his empty shirt sleeve.

The reunion of old friends, idols, and in one case father and son, is an excuse for a grand feast unlike any other. Old acquaintances were reforged, new friendships made, and much fun was had by all. Indeed, in all their jubilation, there were naught but two people on the entire island that still gave even the slightest consideration to the veritable army of Marines currently parked right outside the island.

But should either Nami or Ben Beckman ever attempt to voice these concerns, the response would be essentially to just stop worrying and chill out. He was a party animal unlike any other, and Luffy had clearly picked up a few traits from him, although he was more focused on the part about eating. Put together, their free-spiritedness was, indeed, more than enough to get the rest of them to that mood and to worry about tomorrow.

But it all ended as quickly as it had started, if not even more so. Not because of the Marines, but rather because of something Luffy did: You're one of the finest pirates I have ever had the pleasure to meet. But that hat is yours now: In any reasonable pirate crew, between any two level-headed pirates, it would have stopped right there and then.

Luffy would have put his hat back on, smiled, and they would have returned to partying. Unfortunately, these two were not anything of that sort: And so Luffy did not put his hat back on, but rather continue on offering it for Shanks. I can't just keep this thing now, not anymore. Just forget about it. They kept it up for a little longer after which Luffy, having had enough, simply tried to place the hat on the red-haired pirate captain's head.

The younger pirate instinctively punched, which Shanks kicked aside, along with the rest of him. And then, the next thing Luffy did with his straw hat was, quite possibly, the worst thing he could ever have done with it in Nami's mind: They most certainly were not. Shanks slowly drew his blade and pointed it at Luffy, who charged at him, flexing his muscle to get the blood flowing much faster, painting him red and smoking, prepared for the battle. When the two clashed, the very ground of the island shook under them all, not that the two would have noticed that.

It was a cloudy day, yet in an instant every single one of them was cleared out of the sky, displaying the evening sun well, bathing the battlefield in golden light. As a fist was barely blocked by a sword, the shockwave sent many trees behind them flying.

As the blade's counter-attack was dodged by the length of a hair, the jungle was cut apart in a single neat stroke.

shanks and luffy meet again fast

And so begun the incident that would be later known as the War for That Bloody Hat. The picking up of the winds could be felt all the way at Smoker's ship, and he could see trees being levelled, smoke cloud rising, and flocks of birds fleeing from whatever was going on.

Nobody had seen what had struck it, although it rather looked like something had stretched very, very thin and far from the island, before being snapped back. Other than those particulars, the rest took immediate action, leaving the two idiots to deal with their thing for a while in order to defend themselves, and their friends, from a common enemy.

Even as the battle raged around them, Luffy and Shanks could not really afford to pay any attention to any of it. Considering their respective levels of power, even the slightest drop of concentration could very well have deadly results: