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moesha and first meet

centric is airing a mini marathon from pmpm of moesha and the episodes of right now is the episode "the list" where she first met Q. Moesha is an American sitcom series that aired on the UPN from January 23, , to May 14, The shocking news of Frank's infidelity during his first marriage turned the family upside-down and resulted in . Meets Brandy"); Ray J (he plays as Charles in Seasons 1–3 and as himself in Season 4's "Moesha Meets Brandy"). The following is a list of episodes for the UPN comedy-drama series Moesha. The series premiered on January 23, , and aired a total of episodes during its six-season run. Moesha's final episode aired on May 14, The pilot episode was filmed in late April , while filming for the first . After attending a movie, they meet Omar's friend, Tracy, leading Moesha to.

Frank to Moesha and Dorian after it's revealed that her cousin was actually her brother.

moesha and first meet

In "The Candidate", Moesha and Hakeem have this after the political candidate they support, sexually harassesd Hakeem. One episode had Moesha meeting The latter plays the former. Moesha and Jeremy played by Usher go to see Usher in concert.

Ray J eventually appears as himself in a later season. Later episodes got a lot more serious due to the waning relationship between Moesha and Frank.

The cast also crossed over for a Halloween episode of The Parkers. There is also some Character Overlap when Maya from Girlfriends appears - her brother is married to Dorian's birth mother. Niecy similarly made an appearance on Girlfriends. The series ended in a cliffhanger due to being Even more egregious since they were, apparently, only one episode from completing the series.

moesha and first meet

Word of God said that the family would've rescued Myles from his captors. The intro to seasons four through six.

moesha and first meet

Deceased Parents Are the Best: Deirdre "Dee" Mitchell played by Sheryl Lee Ralph Seasons 1—5, recurring in Season 6 — A high-school principal attempting to balance her primary career with two additional ones as wife to Frank and stepmother to Moesha and Myles.

She is from Jamaica and would speak in a thick Jamaican accent when talking about her childhood. It is inferred that Dee is a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority due to a quote in the episode "Niece" in which Moesha says that she wouldn't be persuaded by Dee with Delta picnics Kimberly "Kim" Parker played by Countess Vaughn Seasons 1—4 — Moesha's boy-crazy best friend who has a crush on Hakeem, but later dated Michael.

She left the show after the fourth season to start in her own spin-off series The Parkers. Myles Mitchell played by Marcus T.

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Paulk — Moesha's pesky younger brother. During the beginning of the series, he was known mostly for playing practical jokes on his sister and her friends. In the spinoff The Parkersit was revealed that he and Moesha were no longer in a relationship.

moesha and first meet

Andell is featured on the spin-off show The Parkerswhere she owns a self-named restaurant and bar. He is from New York City and had an on-off relationship with Moesha until departing in Season 3 to manage a rap group.