Frauds and scams against seniors meet

10 scary scams targeting seniors and how to avoid them | Clark Howard

frauds and scams against seniors meet

Even though her father never met the woman in person, she professed her love for The elderly are victims of a vast array of fraudulent scams. The scam is to find those who may be lonely or infirm, and slowly shower Here are some ways to spot a medical scam targeting a senior. Read six stories of con artists and their elderly scams and learn how they were caught. Meet The Faces of Fraud. What you can learn . Get more tips on avoiding scams and fraud in the AARP Money Matters newsletter.

Keep the conversations brief, as you have hopefully already done a lot of the get-to-know-you pleasantries via email.

Meet The Faces of Fraud

Phone conversations should last no more than thirty minutes to an hour. The main goal for speaking on the phone should be setting up an in-person meeting. Remember, phone conversations that last too long put you at risk for revealing precious information about yourself. It can be tough to tell someone that you must move on for fear of hurting their feelings.

But Lisa reminds us that honoring ourselves always must be our top priority. She encourages us to not be put off by online dating just because of the scammers that do exist.

Yes, there are scammers out there who may try to take advantage of you. But there are also thousands of really amazing, quality men to be met online! By following the advice that Lisa has shared and sharpening your online dating skills, you can safely and successfully date online and enjoy the vast world of possibilities that it offers.

Give this information to a friend or family member before your date and make sure that to check in with that friend or family member when the date ends. Do you think that it is possible to find love after 60? Has anyone that you know been the victim of a senior dating scam? Do you have any other safety suggestions you would like to share? As reverse mortgages have increased in popularity, scammers are taking advantage of seniors with fake offers. If you are worried they could fall victim to a scam like this, you may need to take control of their power to make decisions involving their finances, investments, assets etc.

frauds and scams against seniors meet

Pros and cons of reverse mortgages for seniors 9. That marks them to receive future calls or solicitations about other alleged lottery winnings. Crooks call senior citizens and impersonate their adult grandchildren in order to hit them up for money. The phone rings and the senior picks up… Scamster: Is that you, Jimmy?

I need you to wire money so I can get out. They claim there are extra charges for property damage. Never give out personal info over the phone or send money to unknown sources through a wire service. Beware of discount travel booking sites Advertisement About the author: Among the victims was a year-old woman who was swindled out of her home through a reverse mortgage signed without her knowledge.

She was forced into a nursing home, where she died. When the woman died at age 95, Lieberman drafted a will naming herself as the executor, and continued to steal from the estate. The thieves will all spend time in prison.

frauds and scams against seniors meet

Van Holt drew a year sentence. Lieberman was given 10 years in prison, as was Steen. Hamlett was sentenced to three years in prison, and William Price will spend five years behind bars.

Elderly Scams: Medicare Fraud, Social Security Scams

Stealing Dreams Homes lost to flamboyant crook Sammy Araya wrapped himself in the trappings of a successful businessman — a leased California mansion, several expensive vehicles and a racehorse. He even produced and starred in a television show that ran online called MakeItRain. TV, which showed him flashing stacks of cash and his luxury cars. But Araya, 42, built the illusion of success by cheating hundreds of people, many of them older, out of money they thought was being used to save their houses, according to federal prosecutors.

People who had turned to Araya and his fellow fraudsters for help when struggling to pay their mortgages lost thousands of dollars — and their homes.

frauds and scams against seniors meet

Typical of his victims was Barbara Barkley, 68, of Chesapeake, Va. Hundreds fell for the scheme, in part because the ads used language out of the real federal program and had the feel of authenticity. And for many homeowners, by the time they figured out that the money being sent was not going to pay their growing debt, it was impossible to save their property. Araya and the others were convicted by a federal jury earlier this year.

In July, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The money was given by the city to a nonprofit called the United Block Association and its executive director, Kwame Insaidoo. Last spring, he and his wife, Roxanna, were found guilty of theft in a case that showed the vulnerability of programs designed to help the aging poor.

As that money came in, Insaidoo steered some of it into a shell corporation controlled by him and his wife. And he inflated expenses at the centers by more than percent, according to evidence at his trial. The couple will be sentenced later this year, and face maximum jail time of 95 years for Insaidoo and 75 years for his wife.

Federal prosecutors admitted that poor city management made it easier for them to steal from taxpayers. Dignity Denied Cheated out of funeral funds Of all the ways to defraud people, one of the worst has to be cheating them out of the promise of an appropriately dignified funeral.