Dress up goten and goku meet

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dress up goten and goku meet

Goten and Trunks, now teens, go to Kuoh Academy in East City. The battle led Goku and Vegeta, Earth's last warriors to the Sacred World of the Kai's As Goten started to get dressed, he sighed and thought to himself what school .. As the duo kept walking, they met up with Trunks outside the cafeteria. Desperate to save Chi-Chi's mother's wedding dress, which he was saving In Dragon Ball Z, Goku meets Goten for the first time at the World. Goten + Goku. Goku 1st POV I had expected Gohan to be grown up. He'd never met me before. There was I lowered myself to my knees to meet his eye level. He still had a good grip on her dress as he stared at me.

I didn't know how this little boy would take to me.

dress up goten and goku meet

If I knew my Gohan, and I did, then little Goten had an excellent big brother. Gohan had been the one who had been taking care of him. Gohan had been doing all the things I should have been there to do. Honestly, I was scared. I was scared that he wouldn't like me. I was scared that he'd run away from me and hide behind someone else's leg. I was scared he'd tell me that I was bad for leaving him, his brother, and his mother behind. But as per my usual self, I hid my fear behind a large smile.

I was scared, but I was also excited. What father wouldn't be excited to see his son for the first time? What father wouldn't jump at the chance to hold him, laugh with him, play with him? I ignored the mental image of Vegeta that sprang to mind.

I lowered myself to my knees to meet his eye level. He still just stared at me. I kept my gaze fixed on Goten, but I knew that everyone around us was watching and smiling. Were they as worried as I was and just hiding it like me?

They were all silent, waiting for Goten to make his move.

Goku Meets Chi-Chi As Teenagers

There was tension in the air, but it was a strange and happy feeling. My stomach continued to do flip-flops. I've never been the most patient of people. I was about to lose it.

dress up goten and goku meet

I just wanted Goten to make a move, even if it was to run and hide behind someone again. Chi-Chi had pushed him fully from behind her leg.

Things You Didn't Know About Chi-Chi And Goku's Relationship

He still had a good grip on her dress as he stared at me. Something then flashed in his eyes, and I heard Gohan chuckle. Before I could blink, Goten yelled, "Daddy! I wanted to cry. I hugged him tightly, pressing my cheek against his. I could hardly believe it. I was holding my son for the first time. My heart was soaring up in the clouds. I lifted Goten into the air as if he were an airplane and spun him in circles, delighting at his childish laughter.

I drew him in for another hug, reaching out an arm to Chi-Chi and motioning Gohan over. I saw Bulma wipe a tear from her eye as she stood next to a perpetually scowling Vegeta. She leaned down and wrapped Trunks in a hug.


The little boy protested and tried to shove her off. I smiled at her as I squeezed Chi-Chi and our sons tighter in my arms. Standing there holding my family was perhaps one of the best feelings I'd ever experienced, maybe even better than fighting a worthy opponent. She's also been pretty supportive at times They're not exactly the most normal couple - he's a demi-god-like alien warrior and she's a princess from Fire Mountain - but they've made it work over the years.

For this reason, we decided to go though the entire franchise and find some of the most interesting facts about Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship to share with you. When Goku first met Chi-Chi, they were only kids. Chi-Chi quickly fell in love with Goku, who was completely oblivious to her feelings. When Chi-Chi and Goku talked about getting married and having a family, something the Ox King was happy to set up, Goku agreed, but it was only because he thought marriage was something to eat.

But, this naive mistake didn't deter Chi-Chi's feelings, and she took the proposal to heart.

Chi-Chi would hold on to her feelings for Goku and the "promise" he made, thinking they were engaged to be married. Because of this, and because of his huge appetite, Goku was quick to make a promise to Chi-Chi that they would get married. Chi-Chi held on to this promise and when they were older, she approached him once more to follow through on their plans for marriage. But, Goku is a good-natured person, and he made a promise, so he officially proposed to Chi-Chi in the middle of their match, and she agreed.

In fact, we have reason to believe it's never happened behind closed doors. Goku said no and Vegeta was shocked, saying "but you're married! Of course, this doesn't mean that they've never kissed, as it could also imply that Goku thought the act of sharing the senzu bean was weird. In fact, when Chi-Chi first approached Goku after all those years, he didn't even recognize her.