Meet the authors 2015 mustang

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meet the authors 2015 mustang

Read more about Meet the Shelby GT Mustang on Business Standard. The Shelby GT costs $ over the price of the Ford Mustang. Rocket Speedster Mustang by Galpin and Fisker Meets the Audience at Pebble Beach. 17 Aug , UTC ·. by Tudor Rus author pic. Home > News > Car. In its year history, the Ford Mustang has been through many iterations. From the first generation built in ½ through to the Fox.

The half shafts are a weak point in the system and can fail, especially when launched at the track on a sticky tire.

The CV joints are severe duty with CNC billet centers all using Aerospace electrically bonded e-coating to resist corrosion. Additionally, the axles also offer a significant reduction in wheel hop during hard launches. A post shared by Ivan Korda ivankorda on Mar 6, at 1: The splined area comes with a boot to protect it from dust and other road debris.

meet the authors 2015 mustang

It also comes with a solid core, heavy-duty U-joints in front and rear. The driveshaft offered by GForce is approximately 17 lbs total and gets approximately 7 pounds of weight reduction from the removal of the CV joint and rubber couplers. It can take up to hp and speeds up to around mph without vibrations. Keeping it Together with BMR Suspension Vibrations are sent throughout the rear end of the Mustang due to the spinning driveshaft and differential shaking within the cradle; thus IRS is prone to wheel hop.

Wheel hop is where the rear wheels hop, or sort of jump, but very quickly and violently, almost as if the rear end is going to fall out of the car. It only occurs during quick acceleration off the line as the wheels are trying to put the power down. Final assembly going into the car As the wheels start to move forward on acceleration, the toe angle changes and grip is lost.

How the 2015 Ford Mustang Works

As the Mustang loses grip, the wheels spin and acceleration is drastically reduced which causes the wheels to go back to their original toe angle. The tires regain grip, and then the process continually repeats itself until speeds are adjusted. The wheel hop is the quick back and forth between accelerating and spinning of the wheels which are caused by the change in toe angle.

The Knuckle To Toe Link Bearing from Ford Performance replaces the original rubber toe link bushing in the rear knuckle of the S Mustang with a high-performance, production style bearing.

meet the authors 2015 mustang

The assembly comes with two bearings that work to improve the handling performance, particularly during those power down situations, and removes any suspension compliance with minimal impact on the ride quality. From the factory, the S uses rubber IRS bushings that have air pockets and are made from soft rubber.

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The rubber bushings produce excessive lower control arm movement during normal and aggressive driving. BMR suspension offers a Lower Control Arm Spherical Bushing Kit that goes in place of the OE rubber bushing, nearly eliminating lower control arm movement by linking the rear portion of the lower control arm to the cradle. This not only reduces wheel hop but increases handling stability. These flutes also direct grease to the outer edge of the bushing, keeping the thrust surface lubricated.

This efficient lubrication ensures quiet, reliable operation over the life of the bushings. BMR Toe Rods installed with the Ford Performance bearing not visible located where the toe rod connects to the hub Toe links are considered one of the main issues in wheel hop and are one of the most direct ways to address it. TIG-welded chrome-moly tube adapters with a heavy-duty center adjuster make on-car adjustments straightforward and straightforward so even while under hard acceleration off the line, the toe angle remains as close as possible to where it was while sitting still.

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So while the EcoBoost four-banger did get a mention and it may actually work to attract a specific segment of new car buyerswhen it came time to talk engines, Ford preferred to focus on the traditional V-6 and V And they also mentioned how the car's new technology would enhance the driving experience, rather than distract from it.

Pre-production cars shown during the launch featured controls for the driver to adjust stability controldriving mode and steering. Specific driving modes are being kept quiet for now; although Ford has said there will be a performance mode as well as an inclement weather mode. Selecting different driving modes to suit conditions will adjust the car's throttle response, steering weight and stability control.

meet the authors 2015 mustang

These settings will be a lot easier to control in the model than in the current car, where the only setting the driver can adjust is hidden within a menu and is not easily accessible while actually driving.

Other new features on the Mustang include a Track App for statistics such as quarter-mile times, and access to systems that can be adjusted by the driver, such as stability control, steering and throttle response. Pre-production cars were also fitted with Ford's MyTouch information system, which has made its rounds across several Ford vehicles of all price points, but had yet to appear in a Mustang.

The new independent rear suspension is big news, too, and Ford revealed that, in early testing, the front suspension didn't perform as well as they had hoped it would -- so they revised the front setup to better complement the rear.

The end result is a double-ball-joint independent front suspension, completed by MacPherson struts. Available wheels come in a range of designs between 18 and 20 inches. Ford has sold more than 9 million Mustangs over the past 50 years, and that's with a fairly limited market. Classic American muscle doesn't have the global salability of, say, a hot hatchback or a gas-sipping family sedan, but Ford has so much faith in its new Mustang that it's time to try again.