The loft 2014 ending relationship

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the loft 2014 ending relationship

) and in the United States (The Loft, Van Looy, ). .. ) deviates from the dual relationship between the original and the . anticipate ending”. The Loft is a erotic thriller film directed by Erik Van Looy. It is a remake of the Dutch-language Belgian film Loft, which Van Looy also directed. There's a remarkable scene near the end of the picture in which Lori (Illeana Douglas) — a relationship teetering between friendship and.

The five men are: Vincent Stevens Karl Urban: Luke Seacord Wentworth Miller: The police later insinuate that he is attracted to Vincent. He also recorded the men's activities in the loft without them knowing.

Chris Vanowen James Marsden: Chris and Philip have a half-sister, Zoe Madison Burge.

the loft 2014 ending relationship

The most reluctant of the men to the idea and the last to accept a key to the loft, Chris eventually does so because he is attracted to Ann Rachael Taylorwho eventually becomes his mistress. She tells Chris not to fall in love with her because she is a prostitute. He gives her his key as proof he does not use the loft with other women. Marty Landry Eric Stonestreet: He and Mimi become separated when a woman he slept with on a business trip shows up at his home.

Philip Williams Matthias Schoenaerts: He is a drug user who grew up in a dysfunctional household with his abusive father; very protective of his younger sister Zoe, and warns the other men off having sex with her.

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The murder victim is Sarah Deakins Isabel Lucas: Vincent, Luke, and Marty met her at a bar; both Vincent and Luke are attracted to her, but she hooks up with Vincent and becomes attached to him. At a party they are both attending, Sarah threatened to tell Vincent's wife about the affair as a way to have them break up, but she is dissuaded from this by Luke. She seemingly tries to commit suicide at the loft, by taking pills with champagne.

The note read "See you in the next life"; this note is taken from the loft by Chris. The men were motivated to set Vincent up by Luke, who showed them DVDs of Vincent having sex with Marty's wife, Mimi; Chris's prostitute, Ann who Vincent had paid to allow Chris to seduce her, so that he would take a key to and use the loftand Zoe, Philip and Chris's younger sister.


Three of the men leave to set up their alibis, with Philip remaining at the loft to stage the scene. He takes some cocaine and cuts Sarah's wrists, using her bloodied finger to write a Latin phrase similar to that in her suicide note.

He then handcuffs Sarah's right hand to the bed. Over the course of the movie, as the five men discuss what to do with the body, Luke, Chris, Marty, and Philip drug Vincent, strip and handcuff him to the body on the bed. Before Vincent passes out completely, Chris tells him about Sarah's suicide and the contents of her note. While being questioned by the police, Vincent tells them of the set-up, but they do not believe him as the only prints found were Vincent's and Sarah's.

The police also mention that all four men have alibis for that morning — Chris and Luke were seen together having breakfast, Marty was at his office, Philip was alibied by his father-in-law who was blackmailed with information about his own cheating, information Philip had because he knew Vincent used that same information to blackmail his father-in-law to give him a contract on a project.

Like I said, the first half of the movie is very promising. The pacing was appropriate, it was easy to follow what was going on, it gave you time to become invested in the mystery, then all of a sudden things get crazy.

the loft 2014 ending relationship

Like unbelievable, ridiculous, stupid levels of crazy. First of all there are like six endings to the movie; it goes on for a good more minutes than it should, and the worst part is that each "ending" is worse than the last.

They try over-explaining what happened and it ends up getting so twisted and convoluted that it collapses onto itself.

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At a point you just stop caring about who did what - you just want the damn movie to end. The entire third act is a disaster in every conceivable way. This movie was watchable, mainly because of the cast, but the ending is so frustrating I had to give it a low score.

I really tried to like it, it's just hard to care about a movie when you're just watching a bunch of stupid people do stupid things. And the police interrogation scenes were atrocious. If you don't care about plot and just want to see a bunch of good looking people act like complete jerks for an hour and a half, you can get a kick out of The Loft.

If you want a thrilling murder mystery that makes you think, stay far far away - The Loft does not deliver. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Even though it had five different stories it was actually easily understandable.


The Idea of the movie is fresh and new for Hollywood and the plot flows smoothly in the first half an hour of the movie there are no much puzzles to think about but who really between those five guys did it!! So to be fair the screenplay writing appears so tight and consistent. Even though i kinda preferred to watch the original movie because the originals always better but i mean who can stand almost 2 hours of translated Dutch movie!!