Meet and greet lebron james 2014 cavs

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meet and greet lebron james 2014 cavs

James Blair has been healed by LeBron James' return to Cleveland. Back in March, , a kid named James Blair ran on the floor wearing a . night until finally a commotion draws their attention to an elevated VIP area. the Cleveland Cavaliers won't meet in person with LeBron James or his LeBron James' letter tells us about his looming free agency. Latest news: LeBron James to return home to Cleveland While rumors were spreading across Twitter on Wednesday, James was meeting Heat president Pat Riley. during their five-game loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. . At least true Heat fans will be able to afford tickets again!.

Wade set a franchise record with 23 made free throws, and Shaquille O'Neal had 16 points and eight rebounds in his return to the lineup. Dwyane Wade poured in a season-high 44 points to go with eight rebounds and nine assists, and Udonis Haslem tallied 16 points and 11 rebounds. Shaquille O'Neal knee and James Posey ankle did not play. Cavaliers March 12th, WIN: Antoine Walker also provided a late spark with five field goals and 12 of his 14 points in the final period.

Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning controlled the middle, scoring 18 and 16 points, respectively, while grabbing eight rebounds apiece.

LeBron James Leaves Meeting with Heat Without Committing to Team | The Big Lead

The HEAT used the surge to build a point halftime lead and, after the Cavs outscored them by eight in the third quarter, ended the game with a rout.

Wade scored 24 points and dished out six assists, while Shaq added 21 points and eight rebounds. The HEAT had trailed by 23 late in the third quarter before a run got them back in the game.

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Wade finished with 33 points for Miami, which saw a four-game winning streak end. With O'Neal in foul trouble for much of the game, Haslem took charge for the HEAT in the first period, scoring 10 of his 18 points during the first 12 minutes. His last shot of the period beat the buzzer to cut Cleveland's lead to one, After Cleveland reclaimed a three-point lead, Miami answered with a run, part of a run to take an 11 point lead.

The Cavaliers opened the third quarter with an spurt to get within five before the HEAT ran away with its fifth-straight contest. Shaquille O'Neal scored 17 and grabbed nine boards for Miami, which improved to A Cleveland basket at the end of the first quarter to make it would give the Cavs the lead for good the rest of the game.

Cleveland opened the second quarter with an run and would push a point halftime lead to 17 midway through the third period. The Cavs would go on to lead by as many as 25 points in the fourth. After only 15 minutes of action, Caron would leave the game with a bruised left knee as Odom left the game with a bruised quadricep after 27 minutes of action.

The Cavs would start the game taking a lead after one, but would trail by four at the half. Cleveland would battle back to take a lead with 5: The HEAT would close the gap to within two points,with 2: When the fourth quarter came, so did the HEAT. Miami trailed before scoring six straight and not letting Cleveland take back the lead the rest of the way.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 cavs

The Cavs would get no closer than three points after Miami's run in the fourth, outscoring Cleveland in the final period. Miami would put six players in double figures with HEAT rookie Dwyane Wade leading the way with a team-high 20 points and a team-high seven assists. The win was Miami's 11th in a row at home and it came in front of the biggest crowd, 20, at the AmericanAirlines Arena. Cavs communication staff confirms to Fear the Sword that James Blair is allowed to attend Cavs games.

And it turns out that after the event, James even reached out to the young man Blair made a poor choice to go on to the court when LeBron James was back in town.

While a youngster, it is still a poor decision that could put the players and other fans at risk.

Thank You, HEAT Nation

Thankfully neither Blair nor any of the players on the court took matters into their own hands or did something else foolish. Blair was rightfully banned from The Q for life.

With that action Blair set a terrible example for the children in our community, was a national bad example of what Cleveland fans are and placed the Cavs organization in a negative light. Blair does not represent Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Since that event Blair has been followed by many people, including at one time LeBron himself. He and LeBron may even communicate. But let us be very clear: James Blair had nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nadda to do with James returning to Cleveland.

He received his 15 minutes of fame by breaking the rules of The Q.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 cavs

He deserves nothing more. Disappointed in James Blair Returning to the Q. Now, that's harsh, don't you think? I mean, it was an isolated incident by the young man. It's not like he flew to Miami in to attend the partying of James and his crew after they won the title just to be closer to the man in what amounts to a very creepy stalking incident that all of a sudden James is totally cool with, right? From an ESPN feature: He has gone from a LeBron fan to the LeBron fan, reconciling Cleveland's pain of with the hope for And with that title of James' biggest fan comes responsibilities.

Again, friends and family shake their heads when they hear him plotting … well, even Blair admits he doesn't know what might happen once he gets down there.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 cavs

Nobody wants to pony up a few thousand dollars to accompany Blair on yet another LeBron chase. Besides, family members wonder, Blair's luck has to run out sometime, right? When he finds no takers in Cleveland, he floats his plan on Twitter, and Kenford Abrams, a year-old New Yorker who has become captivated by Blair's saga, wants in.