Line of duty 2014 ending relationship

line of duty 2014 ending relationship

Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure in Line of Duty Credit: BBC in his place. There's no end of black woollen headgear out there, it seems. Line of Duty series 4: 10 HUGE questions after that finale – and hints for series 5 and murdering women, who also attacked Steve, and who ended up instigated a sexual relationship, it can't be related to her kidnapping. The story line is established with the program ending without resolving issues. Realizing that Martin and Ted have made a connection, Val tries to move the Eddie, a police officer, is wounded in the line of duty while Ted appears to.

Steve tells Kate the framing of Farmer could not have been random and finds Farmer's earlier solicitor was Jimmy Lakewell. Steve and Kate visit Lakewell, but get nowhere. Roz's wrist injury is worsening; Nick says it's stinky; the doctor who took the swab tries to contact her. At home, she faints after taking off the dressing.

Nick meets Lakewell, saying Roz is lying and has a wound which dates from the night of Ifield's murder. He thinks Roz murdered Ifield. Lakewell floats the idea of a voluntary interview and immunity.

line of duty 2014 ending relationship

Forensics Rupal reveals proof the latest remains had been frozen and were buried after both Farmer's incarceration and Ifield's murder, and suggests a team briefing to Roz. Rupal goes to the team office for the briefing she expects to take place, but no-one has been made aware of the information.

Neil, who hears this, meets Kate and, stressing anonymity, relays the information. This triggers Steve's memory: Jackie Laverty's body series 1 was buried after being kept in deep freeze. Men in balaclavas with baseball bats were involved. He suggests the Laverty case, which is unsolved, be re-opened, giving them the chance to examine the latest forensics. Roz is in hospital.

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Nick explains to her that her hand had to be amputated to save her life. With the new forensic evidence, Steve finds the blood sample of Ifield relating to Leonie Collersdale's murder was contaminated with white forensic oversuit fibres, just as the blood spatter on the kitchen counter had been.

So both were falsified. He says he believes Roz has been protecting Nick. But Roz had discharged herself from hospital. Roz's sidekick Jodie picks Roz up and tells her Lakewell has requested a voluntary interview with independent detectives about Ifield's murder, seeking immunity.

Nick meets Roz at home.

line of duty 2014 ending relationship

She says they're getting a divorce and accuses him of amputating her hand in retribution for her having an affair. He says it was all her lies and she had MRSA in her wound.

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She arrests him for Ifield's murder. Once Nick has been taken away, Roz reaches for the holdall she'd retained which contains contaminatory items from the scene of Ifield's murder and runs his hairbrush over one of Nick's pullovers.

Lakewell narrowly avoided being captured or killed by the crime syndicate. He was instead jailed for perverting the course of justice, although he refused to testify, knowing the recriminations that would inevitably come his way. Will he get out of prison alive? We doubt anyone would mind much either way. Patrick Baladi as James Lakewell Credit: BBC Was Jamie bent too?

Not so much corrupt as misguided.

line of duty 2014 ending relationship

Line of Duty's most shocking moments It was fortunate for Desford that his plan was foiled. As Arnott told him: I bet Hilton even told you what route to take. Look where it got her.

Line of Duty series 4 finale: all your questions answered

After a tense stand-off, Jamie eventually put his gun down and got cuffed. Still, at least Hastings finally got his name right.

BBC What happened to Maneet? We imagine Hana was freed, but possibly deported there's Brexit Britain for youwhile Jamie will co-operate with the internal inquiry and be cleared. His police career might never recover, though, and could even be over. Maneet is on fire tonight! He promptly went to a DIY superstore to buy tools and materials for dismembering her body — except Huntley regained consciousness just was he was about to make the first incision with his brand spanking new power saw.

DIY rarely pays off. BBC Who hangs up their tracksuits in the wardrobe? Will Steve Arnott walk again?

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We think so, thankfully. It was only three episodes ago that the terrier-like investigator was thrown down three flights of stairs, left lying motionless with blood pooling around his head. Arnott miraculously survived, albeit sustaining fractures of his right leg, pelvis, skull and vertebrae — plus busted ribs, amnesia and wounded pride to boot.

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Martin Compston as Steve Arnott Credit: BBC He was told he might never regain full mobility and has spent the past two episodes in a wheelchair, hiding the true extent of his condition from occupational health so he could return to work and close the case.

He was even wearing one of his trademark waistcoats.